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A Very Special Story    

I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone) and kidney disease (my kidneys were working at 27%) and rheumatoid arthritis. I was severely anemic. I’ve had two knee replacements, an ankle replacement and brain tumor surgery. I suffered with severe pain for many years. I was so sick I said good bye to a lot of my friends and would not leave my house. I couldn’t even go to church.

In May 2004, I was introduced to Goji juice. I took the Goji juice but not as faithfully as I should have which resulted in a slow recovery for me.

I was also on a prescription drug treatment. My doctor increased my dosage 300% because it wasn’t working. In November 2004, my doctor told me to stop taking the drugs and rest my body because my next treatment would be chemotherapy. When I heard that word “chemo”, it really scared me.   I started to pray and ask God for strength. That's when I got serious about the Goji juice.

I started drinking 4 to 6 ounces faithfully everyday beginning in November. I began to feel changes in my body. I really couldn't see  it but I could feel it.

Then my break through came on March 18, 2005, when I had a lab test. Several days later I had an appointment with my oncologist. I will always remember the expression on his face and the first words that came out from his mouth, "What's up with this"?  I believe he was in “shock and awe“. He could not understand what had happened. The doctor told me that my blood count was back to normal and that my kidney function was normal, too. In addition, my arthritis pain was gone.

I praise God for Goji juice, which has changed my life.


Linda D., Hawaii

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Acid Reflux/Stomach/Digestion

The day before I found out about Goji juice I prayed that God would help us both financially and with our health. The very next day a gentleman came into the restaurant where I work and shared with me the juice and how it had helped so many people. I was having trouble with stiffness in my hands, acid reflux, and my knees hurt. My husband has had stomach problems for years, achy joints, back problems and after a full day of hard work it took him a long time to snap back.

We started drinking the Goji juice in June 2006 and we loved the taste! Within the first week, husband began to feel energy and began feeling better. I started feeling much better by the end of the second week. My husband no longer has stomach problems, no achy joints and no back pain. I no longer have stiffness in my hands, my knees are much better and do not hurt. I also have not had any acid reflux and we both have more energy. We thank God for sending us the Goji juice!

Sharon H., Ohio

I have been on prescription medication for acid reflux since 1992, and I thought that I would have to take 2 pills a day for the rest of my life. On January 13, 2007, I began drinking 4 oz. of Goji Juice each day. I am truly happy and relieved to report that one month, to the day later, that acid reflux shut off like someone turns a light off and from February 13th I have not needed the medication.

One thing I had to contend with was the actual withdrawal from the effects of the drug, for six days. My digestive tract was numb and non-responsive as it normally should be, but on day six everything was normal for the first time in years. My sleep is more restful and recently I spoke to a friend for the first time in a year, who commented that I looked ten years younger and I had a glow about me he'd never noticed before. At 59, I'll accept that with joy. My arthritis hasn't flared up at all since I began drinking this miracle elixir, and nobody can tell me that Goji Juice doesn't work, because they must be hiding under a bushel.

Bob R.,Kelowna, B.C. Canada

I want to share how happy I am with Goji juice. I had terrible digestive problems, which made me feel bloated and uncomfortable after my main meal. I had to be very careful what I ate and it restricted me. I started drinking 3 oz. of Goji juice BEFORE my main meal for four weeks, as well as 1 oz in the morning and evening. I felt immediate relief of my digestive troubles, and now I only drink Goji juice morning and night, and my digestion is brilliant! It feels so good to eat and not feel heavy and bloated!

Diana F., Victoria

Beginning in my thirties I started suffering from acid reflux. I work out regularly and get ravenously hungry before I go to bed and frequently eat late. This has been a life long habit, begun as a child of seven or eight when I began swimming competitively. The older I got the more this horrible acid reflux would get.

When it would hit I could only sleep on my back to get relief.  Unfortunately what would happen many times is that I would fall asleep and be awakened by a rising gorge of acid that was coming up my esophagus. As long as I caught it in time I could force it back down but on occasion it would rise so quickly that I wouldn't awaken until it was in my throat. I can't tell you what a nightmare it is to awaken in the pitch black night with your throat burning, unable to breathe because you can't open your epiglottis which protects your lungs from being damaged by the acid. There were times when I would awaken from a sound sleep and leap out of bed struggling for a breath as if I were drowning!

I hope no one has had to go through that but it happened to me for years and it was getting worse and worse. A close friend introduced me to Goji juice and said that people were getting remarkable results.  He told a couple of stories and one about back pain caught my attention. I started drinking two ounces a day and after thirty days my back pain was dramatically better; in the intervening eight months I have noticed some changes in me that have given me my life back again. Just now after hearing how it helps the gastrointestinal system I realized that I haven't had acid reflux for about six months! It just keeps getting better and better.

Houston, Washington

I used to have a lot of stomach problems, acid reflux, nausea and diarrhea, but since taking Goji juice, I haven’t had any of those problems. I am also noticing an improvement with my acid reflux which caused me to choke on my food a lot and sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with a hacking cough. With Goji juice most of my symptoms are gone and I’m choking on my food less and less with continued use.

Lilly, Pennsylvia

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When I a teenager,I can remember having cystic acne. As I got older I had scars on my face from my acne. I tried everything out there thinking it would help because this was affecting my appearance. When I started drinking Goji juice, I notice that after about 3 months, my face was a lot smoother and the scars weren't as noticeable. I thought maybe it was only my hope and imagination, but almost everywhere I went people would ask what I was doing to my face. I would tell them, Goji juice! I'M SO EXCITED! I want everybody to know that we have a great product in our hands that God has given to us! It helps the body inside and out. I can't wait to see what my face will look like in a year after drinking Goji Juice. Thanks to God for this great juice.

Lori, Maine                                                                  

My grandson is 17 years old. Since he has been drinking Goji juice the acne that he has suffered with for a long time is gone.

Helen, Missouri

My daughter had a problem with adult acne since her first pregnancy. This had bothered her for about ten years. She had spent thousands of dollars on her face, neck and upper part of her body, trying to relieve the situation. The dermatologist had tried derma abrasion for about three layers of skin, but to no avail. The adult acne actually became more like cystic formations. She started drinking at least 4 ounces of Goji juice per day.  Eight eight days later her adult acne started to dry up completely.  Her acne is no longer a problem for her.


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Addiction Recovery

My name is Lisa and I am 41 years old.

I am a recovering alcoholic. I had the usual symptoms of a person who has stopped using alcohol, which include fatigue, irritability, discontentment, and depression. I felt like I was living in a gray cloud. I had no motivation and I didn’t care if I got out of bed in the morning. My friend, a drug and alcohol counselor, told me these are normal for someone going through withdrawal.

In less than a month of drinking Goji juice, all of these symptoms were gone. I’ve been sleeping well, have energy, am not irritable and I now want to get up in the morning and get going with my life. The gray cloud which enveloped me is gone.

Goji juice has helped me get my life back. I’m so happy that I was introduced to this wonderful juice.

Lisa, Washington

I've tried to stop smoking marijuana for years.  I would stop for a few weeks but always started again because I couldn't get beyond the mental and physical withdrawal symptoms.  I would experience such depression.

I stopped again a year and one month ago. This is the longest I've ever been able to stay clean.  My counselor is also amazed because he has seen me fall back many times in the past.  Anyone who has gone through recovery knows how great it feels to be on the right track at last!

I thank God every day for helping me and for Goji juice and that someone pushed me hard to give it a try!  I truly believe it is what has made a difference in my ability to get through the withdrawal and find joy in my life again.

Mike, Virginia

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My son Tim was diagnosed with ADD then ADHD shortly after he started grade three. He is now in grade six. I would like to share a bit about the time between diagnosis and now (Oct 2006) and how goji juice has benefited our lives.

In grade three his behavior was mostly disruptive in class. He was impulsive and did not pay attention. He started to show some aggression but it was mostly yelling. He was suspended approx 22 times that year.

He was placed in a behavior class for grade four. His behavior had gotten worse. He began swearing at the teacher, throwing things. Worst of all he became very aggressive and would have frequent explosions. He was doing no schoolwork and was out of school more than he was in. He had about the same amount of suspensions. He had drastic mood swings and was very violent. Grade four was the year they tried him on medication. He went through at least 3 different types, with dosages being varied. Each med had it's own side effects which my son experienced. Nausea, stomach ache, headache, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, some made him feel like he was not getting enough sleep and all made him complain he did not feel good. None helped his behavior. He was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder this year.

In grade 5 he was transferred to yet another school into a behavior class. The board and social workers wanted us to consider putting him a residential program. I did not want it to come to that. The first two months he had 8 suspensions. Then there was a change in his residence so I had more control over his schedule and diet. This helped him quite a bit. Over the next 7 months he had 7 suspensions.

This is when the school, psychologist and social workers wanted us to revisit the medications. He had come so far but still needed help with focusing and his impulsiveness. They said maybe the side effects would not be so bad because he is older. I really, really wanted a better answer.

I had been talking to a friend who wanted me to consider Goji Juice as a business. I was not thinking of the possible benefits with respect to ADHD. I wondered if it would work. I had no reason not to and a whole bunch of reason to.

The last seven weeks of school, Tim had 1 suspension and the teachers started reporting improvement in his behavior. He was taking direction better. The summer was great.

He started grade six almost two months ago. The principal had heard of the change toward the end of the previous year and was impressed with his first impression of Tim. They started integrating him into a regular class right from the beginning. He has had one suspension. It was my fault. We ran out of goji for about 2 days before the suspension. The teacher said he was disruptive, very hard to direct, was yelling, would not stay in his seat and very hyper. He was suspended for 1.5 days.

When he went back to school, he was on his second serving of 2oz. By lunch I was called to come and pick him up. When I arrived the teacher informed me that he was being disruptive but not as bad as the day before. He explained that it was bizarre for him to start acting this way and asked if he was on any medication. I told him about the mishap with the goji, which got him wondering if that was why the change. I informed him that it would be kicking in full force again very soon.

The last two days, he has been great in class. His daily report cards are coming home with scored in the excellent grade.

One more great thing is that there has been no side effects. The Goji juice has changed our lives.

Doug H., Ontario, Canada

My son, Dominick, is a very active 5- year-old boy. We were always told that he was going to need medicine because of his behavior, but we kept putting it off because the last thing I wanted was him on drugs. Then they told us he would need something for school.

So we talked to his doctor and he sent us to a specialist. The doctor saw him and said he had ADHD, that he wanted to put him on a drug. We were both against it, but we didn't know what else to do. The temper tantrums he had were so bad we couldn't control them. He was on the medicine one month when my boss told me about Goji juice. So we began giving him the juice. After a month, his temper tantrum were hardly anything. When he did throw one, he left the room and came back about 45 minutes later and gave us hugs and said “I’m sorry“. Now he seldom has one and if he does,  it's mild.  We have been able to take him off the medication.

Chris and Angie N., Mount Carroll, Illinois

Our son, Zach, has been drinking the Goji Juice for over 3 months now. He had been on two different meds for ADHD and the most recent recommendation by the doctor had some side effects that may cause seizures. We, as parents, decided not to take his advice and try a natural solution. It is less expensive than the cost of the medication. And it works great according to his teachers, his grades, and his grandparents.


He and I love the taste and make sure he gets his Goji in the morning and in the evening.

Brad, my companion who has had cerebral palsy since birth, has been drinking it for about a week. He has less acid reflux, less stiffness in his hips so I can do his range of motion exercises easier, and he sleeps better.  We have also started to give it to our dog to help her.

Polly N., and Brad G., Jamestown, ND

Hi, my name is Natalie, I am 14 years old and have ADHD and this is my success story with Goji juice. I used to have a really bad temper and get angry a lot, but thanks to Goji juice that all has changed. Now I find myself somehow holding back my temper, even in the roughest situations where I would have found myself blowing up. And some other things that have changed is that I find myself having more energy.  It is really cool.


At first I had my doubts about this juice, but my mind has been changed. After 2 weeks and 3 days of taking 2 ounces of Goji juice a day, we now have our daughter, Natalie, back. She is an absolute joy to be around. She has a beautiful smile, we now have pleasant conversations and she is getting all the hugs and kisses she refused for so long. Her dad is excited that she now makes eye contact with him when talking to him. As a mother, it hurt to see one of my children suffer, and I am deeply grateful that I was able to help my hurting, unhappy child. Goji juice has transformed our lives, and we are so thankful.

Keith & Lavonne, Natalie’s parents

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Aging Well 

I have been drinking 4oz of Goji juice for a year now and being a baby boomer (yr of ’59) I have been astonished to see the wrinkles in my face disappearing as is the gray in my hair. My body fat is better than it was in my early 30's.  Strangers have actually laughed at me when I said I was 46.  They don't believe it and say I look in my early 30's especially after watching me dance younger people under the table.


Maybe you know "boomers" who are less than pleased about the advancing years and the affect of those years on their lives.  Many doctors say Goji juice is a breakthrough in anti-aging and disease prevention.  Tell those boomers about Goji juice and you will have a friend for life! 

Houston, Washington

One year ago I was discharged from 10 days in the hospital unable to stand, eat, function in any way.  I was sent home to die.  My daughter, Donna, started me on one ounce of Goji juice three times a day, 1/2 hour before I tried to eat.  The Goji juice took effect and within hours I was eating, and within days I was able to walk and function fully.  I am pleased to say I am alive and well and happy today thanks to Goji juice.  I am 85 years young!

Mable, Washington

I will turn 65 in a few months and I do not feel or look my age.  I started drinking Goji juice last October and within 2 months I noticed so many changes. Now I have more energy than ever and enough stamina to get me through the day. I sleep through the whole night and when I wake up, I am fully awake. To date, I have lost 42 pounds!  I walk and carry my golf clubs when I play golf and I actively kayak and walk for exercise.  Goji juice is, without a doubt, the true answer to a long and prosperous life.

Ron W., New York

Wow! I feel a remarkable difference since drinking Goji juice. I am 46 years old with a body that has been mistreated by time, too much partying, and burning the candle at both ends. Since I started drinking Goji juice, four ounces in the morning and four in the evening, I have that clear-mind and energetic feeling like I did when I was in my 20's. The baby boomers are going to love Goji juice! Thank you so much for giving me my youth back!

Shirley, Texas

This is one baby-boomer who refuses to give into this number thing they call age. I will be experiencing my 44th birthday and I tell you I feel great and can do just about whatever any 25-year-old can do. The fun part is that things just got even better since I have been drinking Goji juice. Now I am looking forward to 54, 84 even 104. You've just got to try this - the energy you get is unbelievable!

Cyril, Illinois

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My 80- year-old mother has been anemic her entire life. The doctors have never been able to figure out why. She has had every test available. For most of her life she has taken iron supplements by mouth and last year even underwent iron infusions over a period of 6 months. Still her anemia was no better.

She started drinking Goji juice in October 2005 and in January when she went to her hematologist and had labs done, her doctor told her her blood was normal!!  Also, she has suffered from restless leg syndrome for about the past 8 years. Since she’s been drinking Goji juice she no longer suffers from restless leg syndrome! I truly believe Goji is a gift from God!

Susan, Gray, Tennessee

My mother was diagnosed with high blood-anemia and she was suffering because of it for many years now.  My Cousin came to us and let us try Goji juice and so we gave it to my mother.

After drinking Goji juice for almost a month she told us that the symptoms of her sickness were gone. Thank God for the Goji juice because it has helped our mother a lot. Not only her but also for us.

My two-year-old son is drinking Goji juice too and I see how it works for him. He has become very active, playful and he easily learns whatever we teach him.

Thank you for the gift of Goji juice.


Maureen, Philippines

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Athletic Performance

I am in my 20's and have been drinking Goji juice since it was launched in October 2003.  At first I didn’t notice much, better sleep and some more energy, but nothing earth shattering.  But as I have continued drinking it, (around 6oz per day) I have really felt the cumulative benefits.

For the first time this spring my allergies did not bother me and I was able to run outside without using my inhaler.  My workouts in resistance and cardiovascular training have taken off.  This past weekend I went mountain biking at 9,000 feet above sea level and normally I am at around 1200 feet, so it was an air adjustment.  I was able to keep up with the 3 other riders who were better than me and adjusted to the altitude with no problem thanks to Goji juice.  That night I drank more goji and the next day, I was sore, but not as much as normal and by evening I was ready for a run in 90 degree temperature.  But even better, the house I was staying at had a cat and just last fall, I was congested and sneezing with watery eyes when I stayed there, and this trip the cat did not bother me at all. 

Thanks to Goji juice I am taking my health and well-being to the next level and growing out of health conditions I’ve had my whole life.  Now I can enjoy everything life has to offer.

 CJ P., Minnesota

My name is Mike and I am 24. I enlisted in the army last year and have been training and working out to meet the required fitness and medical standards. My previous occupation was a DJ, so I had to make a radical transformation in order to cleanse my body and get in top shape. I used a variety of professional grade supplements and monitored my heart and diet as best I could. When I was introduced to Goji juice, the skeptic I am, I stopped taking all of my other supplements and relied only on Goji. Within 3 weeks I was able to run 4 km farther and 1 mph faster with my HR 15-20 BPM lower than previous assessments. In addition, my recovery time from a 35-40 minute run is under 4 minutes when it used to be 10-12! A lab analysis confirmed that my blood and urine were both clean and healthy. My blood pressure had dropped from 83/126 to 73/117 and resting HR went down from 65 to 54 all within a 3 week time frame from switching to Goji. My muscle recovery time has dropped so significantly that I barely ever feel sore the next day from a hard workout.

In addition to all this, a troublesome sciatica pain that I developed recently has nearly disappeared ever since I started taking Goji. My joints feel free, muscles feel tight and energy and stamina are a seemingly endless supply. I also had a faint wheezing in my lung that is no longer present. Goji really works!

Mike G., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Aloha, I am a competitive racquetball player in Hawaii and I work out daily.  Ever since I began taking Goji Juice in January 2006, I have noticed that I have more energy, stamina, and I don't get those common aches and pains in my joints.  Some days, I'll play racquetball and then lift weights, and my recovery time still amazes me.  When my opponents find out that I am almost twice their age, they immediately want to sample our Goji Juice.  Thank you!


Bulla, Honolulu, HI

I am at the health club four times a week and I always keep very detailed records of my exercise routines. Since I started drinking just 5 ounces of Goji juice a day, I have been amazed at my endurance and my ability to lift much heavier weights. At the same time, there is a real acceleration in my body-fat loss and an increase in my muscle buildup. Goji juice has turbo-charged my workouts. Watch out, Arnold!

Paul, Rhode Island

I have been interested in physical fitness for most of my life. I was a competitive swimmer from the time I was eight years old until I graduated from college. In the 20 odd years intervening I have kept in good physical condition working out 3-5 times a week. After 60 days on Goji juice I was stunned to find out that my work out ability had increased by 30%! That is amazing and I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was easily measured in my sit-ups, push-ups and back exercises.

Additionally, and this is even more unbelievable, my recovery time was cut in half.  I found myself exercising during my resting phases!  If you do any kind of workout, give Goji juice a chance, it might change your life, just as it has mine!

Houston, Washington

I have been drinking Goji juice for about five months and can't live without it! My job requires me to work odd hours and often left me feeling in need of more sleep. Then I discovered Goji juice. As a competitive runner and veteran of ten marathons, it sometimes took about 5-7 days to feel like myself again afterwards. But after running in Chicago this fall, I was back on an 8-mile run two days after the race and doing speed work four days later. Before, I would never dream of running more than two marathons in a year. Now, I've set a goal of completing a marathon in every state by the time I hit age 50. I'm powered by Goji juice!

Jim, Illinois

I have been playing racquetball for almost a year; I resumed playing after a 20-year break. I had never been able to beat one of my opponents, especially not on the first game. After I started drinking Goji juice, I not only beat her the first game, but several games after that! I told her my Goji juice secret and let her taste a sample. My victory may be short lived, as she loves it too!

Wendy, Michigan

Goji juice has made a huge difference in my workouts. I recover much quicker and I'm as strong as I was 10 years ago in my prime. I also have a better outlook on life and can handle stress much better. I highly recommend it to improve athletic performance and for overall healthy living!

Brian, North Carolina

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This is about my son, Zane. He is 2 years old and suffers from allergies, asthma, speech delay and expressive language development. In so many words, he does have a lot of characteristics of a child with high-functioning autism.

We started giving him Goji juice and he is responding much better to us. His eye contact is better and he is really trying to talk a lot more. This week, when his speech teacher came, she noticed a change in him and he did not have one single tantrum during his session with her. Nor did he ask her to leave. In the past, as soon as she came to our house Zane would tell her “bye-bye” hoping she would leave. And he always had a few tantrums during his session. Today his occupational therapist came and he did a wonderful job, again having no tantrums, responding to her requests with good eye contact, speaking to her and sharing and giving her his toys. It might not sound like a lot to you in reading this, but, I, as his mother, do see a wonderful difference in my son.

Darlene S., New Jersey

Note:  Darlene's original story was written two years ago.  I spoke with Darlene today (July 2005) and she told me Zane is now 4 years old, still drinking Goji juice, going to school and progressing wonderfully. She said his initial turn-around began when she first started giving him Goji juice, about two years ago! Her story is very interesting, heart breaking and heart warming. She told me that Zane was a normal, healthy and happy little boy until he was about 18 months old. About that time he had some of his “shots” and suddenly he was a different child altogether. She now believes he will again be the happy, social little boy he was the first months of his life!

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I am 36 years old and pregnant with my fifth child.  Needless to say, the pregnancy was not going well.  I suffered from a chronic urinary tract infection that had plagued me for years and nothing I tried given to me by the doctors would keep it away.  My blood pressure dropped to 70/50 and I was dizzy all the time and even to the point where I was passing out.  I suffered from restless leg syndrome which was causing me to have to sleep on the couch because I would keep my husband awake.  My doctor told me I had so much wrong with me he did not believe he could help me.  Needless to say I was in tears that day three months ago.  I started taking the Goji juice after being introduced to it by my cousin.  Being an R.N. I was very disbelieving but I am a believer now.

I was on the juice for only a week when my blood pressure stabilized.  It took a month for my UTI to clear up and I have not had one since.  My restless leg syndrome is better and I am back in my own bed.  I am now in my eighth month of pregnancy and I feel better then I did with previous pregnancies.  No hip or joint pain, swelling or burning of the feet and tons of energy.  My doctor is amazed at how big and healthy my baby is.  This baby is truly getting all he needs.  All pregnant women need to be on this juice. It will make your pregnancy a more joyful experience.

Melissa B., Arkansas

I am currently pregnant and have experienced morning sickness in each of my four previous pregnancies. I would feel very nauseous and be sick to my stomach every morning but also at other times of the day. With my previous four pregnancies, I experienced morning sickness well into my third trimester.

I found out I was pregnant about one week ago and find that when I take goji juice when I first wake up, I don’t experience morning sickness at all. I love it and look forward to feeling much better during this pregnancy thanks to the absence of morning sickness. I also think that it is excellent nutrition for my developing baby. 

H.P., Calgary, AB

Being a mother of 5 when I started drinking Goji juice, I needed my rest. After I drank it for about two months, I got pregnant. Then I really needed the rest.

I drank Goji juice the whole time I was pregnant and it was the easiest pregnancy I had and my baby girl was 10 lbs., 4oz and totally healthy.  I rest so well. When I wake up I am ready to go, I don't need any coffee. I also notice a huge difference in my skin and if I run out of Goji juice and don't drink it for 3-4 days my skin starts to get dry and then I need to put lotion on.

Aulia B., Maui

My husband and I wanted children so badly and were told that we couldn't have them. I tried fertility treatments and had no success. I had 3 miscarriages and was emotionally destroyed. We finally gave up and decided to move to Florida and just go on with our lives.

I got a call from a wonderful friend who was calling to share Goji juice with me. I purchased Goji juice in March and found out that I was pregnant in May. We were elated! In September I had to go on complete bed rest but our baby was born completely healthy and on time. He is a Very Happy Baby and hardly ever cries. His disposition is unlike any other child I have ever seen. He has done everything early. He was sitting up unassisted at 5 months, at 6 months he was crawling and was walking at 9 months. At 8 months he started feeding himself had 8 teeth.

We were very blessed and feel that if we hadn't have had Goji juice, he would have never come along. My baby was born 1/10/05. And the best news is I am currently 5 months pregnant AGAIN and due in March!  I am taking Goji juice again and looking forward to my next Goji juice Baby!  I thank God for bringing Goji juice into my life!

Jennifer E., Shreveport, LA

I recently gave birth to my first child. My mother was in the room with me during the delivery and she overheard the doctors and nurses commenting on how unusually large and healthy the placenta was. They said that's a good indication the baby was getting excellent nutrition during the pregnancy. Of course, I tried to eat properly during my pregnancy but I also was taking Goji juice the whole time. A girlfriend of mine, who also was drinking Goji juice during her pregnancy, had her baby a few weeks after I had mine, and the doctors told her they had never seen such a large umbilical cord. They said the larger the cord, the healthier the baby.

I guess the two of us brought two healthy "Goji juice Kids" into this world.

Debbie, Oregon

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Back Pain

I was praying to feel better, have more energy, and overcome my depression and anxiety. God, led me to Charlotte, who is in her 50's, walks 6-8 miles a day and is ecstatic about her Goji juice. After hearing how Goji juice has changed so many lives, I made a decision on July 1, 2006, to see if it could change mine. I committed to trying the juice for 90 days and I am so happy that I did.

After two days of the juice detoxing my system, I began to see changes. The first change was an increase in my energy level and a brightening of my mood and spirit. The second change was after two weeks, my dizziness and disoriented feeling completely went away. I have had all
the inner ear tests and was diagnosed with Vertigo, which they say there is no cure. After having my son, the symptoms got worse. Just going to the store was an ordeal, with the bright fluorescent lights, I would get so dizzy and disoriented that I could not find my car after leaving the store. Well, guess what! I can now fight the crowds with a smile on my face and I don't have any problems finding my car!

The third big thing that I noticed is that my back pain is better. I crushed my 12th Thoracic vertebra on August 1, 1999. I wore a back brace for 3 1/2 months and have been seeing chiropractors ever since. In the past, I took Ibuprofen like candy to try and help relieve the pain, and when it would rain I would take even more. After drinking Goji juice for 2 1/2 months my back pain has improved 95%. I don't have to take Ibuprofen anymore to relieve the pain, and I don't have to see the chiropractor every week. In fact, I have only seen my chiropractor twice since I started drinking this wonderful juice and that was only when it had rained for several days.

I took a chance and listened to my heart. I truly believe that God answered my prayers. Thank you Charlotte, Steve and Kay and everyone else who loves Goji juice as much as I do.

My dad has always said, "When you loose your health, you loose everything." Change your health and do it with Goji juice!

Leisa S., Conway, Arkansas


In 1990 I injured my thoracic spine so severely I could not walk upright for several years. I gave up my social work career and slowly learned to manage chronic pain with morphine and neurontin. I also used alternative medical practices, meditation and t'ai-chi to help in recovery. I managed, but gradually developed arthritis in the neck and spine as well as osteoporosis. I was able to never let the pain control me, but every day was exhausting, both with the effort for pain control and the side-effects of medications. I also became very skeptical of "quick fixes".

When Goji juice was suggested, all that interested me was the money-back guarantee, which I was sure I would get. I knew it couldn't hurt to give it a try!

After one week, my neck pain disappeared and my energy level was almost too much to handle. I bounded out of bed and tackled projects that normally it took me 5 hours to prepare for. After about 2 weeks the two sharp knives that appeared to be sticking in two places in my spine became dull, and after a month, my back is now just "sore". It took a while to "harness" the excess energy, but it was worth it. I have just started to heal naturally. I feel freed from a cage of caution and pain. My smile now is real, not forced from a grimace.

For so many people who suffer from chronic back pain (which often has other referred sights of pain), it is a shame if you do not try this.  I can only say, trying it will NOT hurt, and you just may be released, as I have been, from your life of agony!

Dave B., Lumby, BC, Canada

I was always a strong and healthy woman until about two years ago when I developed a severe problem with my upper and lower back, especially on my right side.

I was in constant discomfort, could not do my usual housework, and I was not able to bend or turn easily from one side to the other. My whole family was affected by this because "Mommy" could not do what she normally did.

When I was introduced to Goji juice, I started to drink one ounce twice a day. The results were just remarkable! After 3 days on the Goji juice I noticed a big change. My severe back and muscle problems subsided, and over the next few weeks my whole muscular structure was more balanced. Now I have increased flexibility throughout my entire body and I wake up without any discomfort.

My husband has his wife back and our daughter can play tag with Mommy again.

To have this obstacle eliminated from my life, is a blessing I can't even describe. Goji juice is not just a product for us anymore, it has become a worldwide mission! Even our 7 year old daughter is doing her part!

Thank you so much for this outstanding product!!!!

Christina K, Northern Kentucky

While in the U.S. Army during the Gulf War period, I had a vehicle accident which injured my arm, back and neck. When we hit a ditch, I was bounced about 8 feet in the air out of an open back Humvee (called a 998) at about 50 miles per hour.

I almost lost my right arm as it was severely crushed at ground impact requiring 8 months of therapy at 3 different Army clinics. For my neck and upper back all the Army offered
was pain medications for life. They said surgery would be risky and a very last resort.

Over the years almost all my arm symptoms disappeared but just the opposite on my neck and back. My spine was deteriorating causing me extreme pain and stiffness, affecting my ability to enjoy life.

For many years I have tried a lot of different and powerful health products including MSM, Ionic Minerals, pycnogenol, and coral calcium with varying results.

After only 5 days on Goji juice my spine began making a "popping" noise when stretching in my chair and the pain and stiffness lessened. This process continued for several days improving each time. Now after several months on the Goji juice I have almost zero pain and very little, if any, stiffness at all. Goji juice has enabled me to enjoy life to the fullest!

Jerry B., Wilson, NC

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When I was introduced to Goji juice in October 2004, I didn't expect to see any results but I took it because I knew it was good for me. Within days I noticed an increase in energy and less fluctuation with my blood sugar.

At some time during the next 3 months I was sleeping all night. That was something I hadn't done in years so needless to say I really felt better. I also had not had a dream that I could remember in years and now I would remember dreaming sometimes 2 or 3 times each night.

What I came to realize in February was that the overactive bladder condition that I have had for years had completely cleared up. I had been going to the bathroom at least every 2 hours all night and more often at times. During the day I could not leave the house without first going to the bathroom and knowing that there was one at my destination.  I am happy to report 5-1/2 months later that I can stay in bed for 7 or 8 hours before having to get up to go to the bathroom.  I take an average of 2 ounces of Goji juice each morning and night.

Esther K., Calgary, Alberta

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Brain Tumor

Cathy, the Sister at our congregation, with a brain tumor, saw her doctor this week. This is the first time she has been to see him since she started drinking Goji juice. They were discussing her latest MRI. The tumor has stopped growing! Also, he could not get over how well she was doing and said he believed she was getting better. They will be doing another MRI in a month or so.

Cathy has been drinking Goji juice for about one month now. She takes a tablespoon every 2 hours. Before starting Goji juice, she could not walk on her own, could not hold a conversation and was extremely swollen all over her body with fluid. She can now walk on her own, hold a great conversation and has no fluid retention. She has also regained strength in her body that she has not had for months. The doctor was astonished.

Charlotte, Missouri

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My son was burned in a gasoline explosion 5 weeks ago.  He had skin grafts on both legs from the knees down.  The right leg was the worst.  Three weeks after the surgery he went for a follow up visit and the Dr. wondered where his walker was; he could not believe Jason was walking without it.  After looking at his legs he was amazed that they were almost healed, which was way ahead of schedule.  My son is drinking 8 ounces of Goji juice per day.

Thanks, Marian

I'm a keen follower of tennis. I was watching Australia play Switzerland in the Davis cup doubles match Saturday night and into Sunday morning. I was wearing a thick tracksuit but about 2 a.m. I began to feel cold so boiled a jug and filled a hot water bottle which had a cloth cover. I didn't realize the rubber bottle had perished under the cover, so when I put it to my left hip to warm that area, boiling water spurted out and soaked my tracksuit, the rug I had covering me and the chair. It took me about 20 to 30 seconds to get out of the chair, get the rug off me and all my scalding hot water soaked clothes.

I ended up with a burn larger than my hand with the fingers fully stretched out. I'd read on this website how someone had treated a burn by putting Goji juice on it so I did the same. Within a few minutes most of the pain had gone. I was able to sleep without any pain killers. I've ended up with a blister slightly bigger than a 50cent coin (Australia's largest coin about an inch and a half in diameter) but no pain. All the redness has gone from the surrounding area with the exception of a narrow band around the blister. I've applied Goji juice once more since the accident and this morning (29 hours after it happened) the blister has shrunk so as to be almost flat and I have not had any pain.

Margaret P.

I was cooking dinner and burned my arm on one of the pots, not real bad, but enough to hurt. I figured why not so I put a couple of drops of Goji juice on my arm and sure enough, within just a few seconds, the pain stopped and it did not return.  Thanks Goji juice.

Aulia B., Maui, Hawaii

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Cell Rejuvenation

Two months ago I was in a lawnmower repair shop and noticed a bottle on the counter. A closer look revealed Goji juice. I had been to my naturopath 1 week prior. I ordered the Goji juice and started taking 30ml each morning. I saw my naturopath 3 weeks later. She has a Quantam Healing Machine she uses in conjunction with her practice that can read your body like a crystal ball.

She was amazed and asked what had I been doing the past month as my cell rejuvenation levels had gone from the average person of 5 out of 10 to an amazing 10 out of 10.

I told her about the Goji juice and she said she had heard of it and knew that it was amazing stuff. She told me to keep drinking the Goji juice as my body was just in love with it. I don't think she had to convince me after a 10/10 result.

Christine S.

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Cerebral palsy

Brad has had cerebral palsy since birth and has been drinking Goji juice for about a week. He has less acid reflux, less stiffness in his hips so I can do his range of motion exercises easier, and he sleeps better. 

Our son, Zach, has been drinking the Goji Juice for over 3 months now. He had been on two different meds for ADHD and the most recent recommendation by the doctor had some side effects that may cause seizures. We, as parents, decided not to take his advice and try a natural solution. It is less expensive than the cost of the medication. And it works great according to his teachers, his grades, and his grandparents.


He and I love the taste and make sure he gets his Goji in the morning and in the evening.   We have also started to give it to our dog to help her.

Polly N., and Brad G., Jamestown, ND

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CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)

My name is Randy and I am 53 years old. I live in northern Michigan. I have lived for the last 23 years as a human pin cushion. All the doctors I have been to couldn't tell me just what I had.

So after many years of being told that I had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia I thought I was just supposed to live with all the problems I had acquired. Let me tell you, most people don't know what it's like to be deprived of sleep for days on end. I can tell you from personal experience and a history of over 20 years of having to take a very expensive prescription to put me to sleep every night so I could function in this real world of confusion, it's the worst feeling you can have. I was paying $175 a month for pills to make sure I got the required level of sleep to be able to function doing my job. You see I am a Floor Covering Installer and I wheel a double edge razor blade knife all day long. Not a good thing to do when your half asleep from not getting the proper sleep the night before.

Anyway to make a long story short, my aunt introduced me to the Goji juice and I can't thank her enough. Not only have I STOPPED taking the expensive sleeping pill, I have stopped all my arthritic meds also, and don't forget the cholesterol pills I was also on. I am happy to say that as of this day, I am free of any type of chemical pills from the doctors and I am sleeping like a baby. It's been years since I have herd my own alarm clock in the morning to wake me. I can't thank my aunt enough for bringing Goji juice into my life. It has been a life changing experience.

Randy, Michigan

We have just finished the first bottle of Goji juice. My daughter who has had CFS for 3 years now has been able to get through the entire day without taking a nap. Also she used to have fine hand tremors from weakness and they are beginning to subside. She just started to exercise again. I believe Goji is a miracle juice. I will be ordering it by the case. It tastes great in ice tea.  We will always grateful to you for making us aware of such a product.

Mary Jane T., RN

I'm 56 years old and have had CFS even before they had a name for it. I remember at 18 years of age going to a doctor for anything to give me energy.  I was tired all the time.  The doctor put me on a prescription drug which helped for awhile but since I have never been one to take drugs that didn’t last long.

Then came goji juice.  After 1/2 bottle, taking 2 oz. twice a day, for the first time in my life, I woke up! Now I sleep like a baby and also wake up ready to go, which is a totally new way of life for me.  I have to remind myself to go to bed at night because I don't get tired any more.  Every day life was always such an effort just to go on. Now my mission is to help others feel as good as I do.

Thank you for Goji and may God always bless those who brought it to us!  I have a new life, feeling better than I did at 18.

Margo, W. Middlesex, PA

I suffered from CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) for 20 years as the result of untreated Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. This past March, 2005 my sister introduced me to Goji juice.  I decided to drink much more than the recommended dosage because of my condition, and so I drank 8 ounces a day until the bottle was empty.

In 4 days many things changed greatly for the better. I slept much better. My alertness was much better. The overall soreness and aches in my muscles and joints was gone. My liver and kidney functions were astoundingly better.

I had no hope before. Goji juice not only has given me hope, it has given me optimism that I've never known before.

Vern F., Pittsboro, NC

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I believe drinking Goji juice has helped me.  I have been going to women's health seminars in Cincinnati, Ohio since 2001 when my cholesterol started out at 220.  In 2005 it was 242 and in 2006 it was 231.  I went this year (2007) and it was 187.

I also have no arthritis pain in my knees anymore, I don't have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom anymore, and have no more menstrual cramps and I sleep so much better. I can finally do high impact aerobics again and I feel great! I will never be without it and I want to share the health with everyone I meet.

Johni, Ohio

My mom had been on cholesterol medicine (statin drug) for months with only a slight decline in her level.  After 3 months on Goji Juice (still taking her statin drug) she dropped 76 points.  I love Goji juice!

Corinne M., Schaumburg, IL.

I have a family history of high cholesterol so I have a blood test done every year even though my numbers are in the normal range.  I have a healthy diet, yet my triglycerides in 2005 were 143. One year later, after 8 months of drinking 4 ounces of Goji juice a day, my triglycerides dropped to 56.  Goji juice has put me into a state of wellness.  I am very thankful that a friend introduced me to Goji juice.


Amelia J., Cumberland, MD

Elevated cholesterol levels are common in my family.  My wife had begun drinking Goji juice and had seen remarkable results with her IBS. I decided to see what it would do for my high cholesterol.

On July 7, 2006, I had my blood drawn and that afternoon I began drinking two ounces of Goji juice a day. Assuming I would receive the same 250 results I had gotten in the past, I thought two ounces a day would suffice in lowering it.

When I got the results the next Tuesday, I was floored! Not only was my total cholesterol way up at 336, my triglycerides were 1780! A friend of mine said he had heard of doctors hospitalizing patients for triglycerides that high.

I immediately increased my Goji juice to two ounces in the morning and two in the evening. My doctor told me he wanted to prescribe medicine, but I told him I had already begun drinking Goji juice and wanted to see what this natural product would do for me. I asked if I could have my blood checked again in 30 days, but he said, “No. Even if I were to put you on medication, we would not expect to see any results for 60 days.”

I talked him into letting me get it checked early because I was confident that the Goji would drop the level by 15 to 20 points in that time. Last Wednesday, August 30th, I had blood drawn and today, September 5, I got a call from the nurse. My cholesterol came down 102 points, from 336 to 234! And my triglycerides came down 1123 points, from 1780 to 657!

I will be telling everyone about Goji juice!


Last Monday, Jan 15th, I had blood drawn again. I have to admit I was a little leery of what the new number would be because of all of the holiday eats and treats plus I had reduced the juice from 4 oz. to 2 oz. a day, but we got the results yesterday and it has dropped another 45 points to 189!  My triglycerides have dropped another 45 points to 332. Still a little high, but compared to 1780, I'd say it's a victory.

Craig, Georgia

I have had high blood pressure and high cholesterol years. I was on medication which increased my liver enzymes. I also had IBS.

Since I was introduced to Goji Juice five months ago I am now OFF all medication. My doctor was so pleased with my blood work he signed up so he could use it personally and refer his patients also.

My sleeping has improved and I handle stress so much better. I can't imagine living without it.

Thanks for Goji juice!

Linda, Maryland

My husband, Howard,  just had his annual check up and we can’t believe the results! Last year his triglycerides were 551 and now they are 139, his cholesterol was 319 and now it is 230, his glucose was 128 and now it is 98. All without any prescription drugs!

Last year his blood pressure was so high the doctor put him on blood pressure medication, which lowered it some, but he had to quit taking it about 8 months ago. Now his blood pressure is normal and without prescription drugs!

The only thing he’s done differently over the past 12 months is drink Goji juice faithfully.  Everyday he drinks it the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night!

We are so impressed with Goji juice and so glad we’ve continued to take it and didn’t stop after one or two bottles! Our health just keeps getting better the more we drink this wonderful juice.

Hazel and Howard C., Florida

My family has a history of very high cholesterol and I've been trying for years to lower mine, including diet, exercise, medication, natural supplements.  I was able to get it down to about 275, which still wasn't that great according to my doctor.

But after being on Goji juice for several months, I had it checked, and it was down 63 points, to 212.  The doctor was so surprised and very pleased, and so was I.  The only thing I was doing differently was drinking Goji juice!  I am very happy about this!  The rest of my family members are now drinking Goji juice with the same wonderful results!

Judy, Washington

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Chronic Cough

I am 40 years of age and had been suffering from chronic coughing for over 15 years. My wife shared with me this drink called Goji juice that she and her friend were taking for other conditions which they suffered for years, too.

I tried it by consuming only 2 ounces daily and was totally shocked at the results. In 3 weeks I was not coughing at all and felt so free to breathe and not worry about coughing.

I give God all the glory for the Goji juice  berry and “HIGHLY” recommend it to the entire human population.

Mahalo, David U., Alaska

For four years I have suffered with an annoying chronic cough. The doctors told me that I had bronchitis, then they told me I had allergies and asthma. I couldn't say a sentence without constantly coughing. I would cough so hard that I would lose bladder control, I threw my back out and cracked a rib, at times I would lose my voice and the coughing would bring me to the point of vomiting.

After four years, I am finally done with the coughing thanks to Goji juice. I thank God for putting the Goji juice berry on earth and for the man who researched it and put it in a bottle for me to get it into my hands! I am here to testify that Goji juice works!

Darlene M., Washington

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I had severe discomfort in my right leg; it really bothered me, especially when I  was ready to go to sleep, as raising my legs seemed to escalate the problem. The doctor told me that I had hardening of the arteries. He also suggested that I wear those ugly "compression" hose and they were very hot, as I lived in South Florida at that time.


I found that a special massager eliminated the discomfort if I used it at least every other night. But, if I forgot, my leg sure reminded me. The lump was so large that I could not only feel the lump in the vein but actually see it jump up and down.


About two to three months after I started drinking Goji Juice, I discontinued using the massager and also stopped wearing the compressions hose (thank goodness...I could finally wear sandals). This was 2 1/2 years ago and I have not had any problem with it since then.


Vivian from Colorado

The circulation to my feet was horrible, my toes started turning black and my right knee had become extremely painful and unstable.

I tried many natural health products and worked diligently to try to get my circulation back. I refused to use prescription drugs. Nothing seemed to work until a friend introduced me to Goji juice.

Within a few weeks I could see and feel a difference. My toes started to improve. And I was finally able to sleep with covers on my feet and was able to get a full night’s sleep. Then to my amazement, I could actually kneel on my knee with no pain. I recently went to my orthopedic surgeon and he said my knee is normal and I do not need surgery.

No one can wipe the smile off my face. Goji juice truly is the happy berry and I feel blessed.

Karen, BC, Canada

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I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in January 2002 after having a colonoscopy to determine the cause of severe diarrhea that I was having. It was so bad that my doctor, who specializes in gastroenterology, told me that in a few years my entire colon would have to be removed, because it had ulcers all through it. He told me it was a chronic disease that was not curable. I was prescribed medication which included twelve anti-inflammatory pills per day plus prednisone, yet this did not help my problem.

I was introduced to Goji juice in February 2006 and never thought about it helping me with my medical problems. I was taking it occasionally for energy, but not on a consistent basis. Then I was given some material on how it was helping people with health problems, so I thought I would start taking it on a regular basis just to see if it could possibly help my colon problems. I started to notice I wasn’t having diarrhea constantly as before. I told my doctor about the great results I was having taking Goji juice. He performed another colonoscopy in November 2006 and my colon was healed.

 I thank God for Goji juice,  which has changed my life.

 Joyce D., KY

Someone introduced my parents to Goji Juice while I was in the hospital recovering from an ileostomy (I had my entire colon removed), and I had a temporary external bag. My dad brought the Goji to the hospital and my mom, who was staying with me, made sure I got a 2 ounce dose twice a day, and I’ve been taking it ever since.

I had my second surgery, to remove my external bag and connect my internal pouch almost a
month early and then recovered from that surgery weeks early as well. I was snowboarding and then went to a Semester at Sea Reunion cruise two weeks before I was even supposed to be released to start my normal daily activities, and the only explanation is the Goji Juice.

I am 21-years-old and had been diagnosed with colitis at fifteen. I truly believe that if I had been introduced to Goji Juice earlier, I might not have had to have this surgery because one of the things that aggravates colitis is stress and since I’ve been drinking the juice, I am on much more of an even keel and I am sleeping more soundly than I ever remember, so am starting everyday rested. In fact, after the surgery the doctors told me I would probably need to be taking some type of anti-depressant for at least the first year if not forever. I stopped taking them two weeks after the second surgery and haven’t felt like I need them. They also told me I would be taking 5 to 7 pills a day to regulate my bowel movements for the rest of my life, since I’m living without a colon. After only 6-months I am taking half that many.

I am a dance major in college and I was going to take 6-months, February to August, to slowly get myself in shape to go back to school and hopefully be able to dance. By chance, I found an intensive scholarship program that I auditioned for in January, 4-months of 26 classes a week, with only Sundays off. I auditioned on faith. I am now in my third week of that program and having less problems with my ligaments and sciatic than ever before, and no problems from the surgery. Again, the only explanation is the Goji Juice. My doctor says, “Just keep drinking that juice!”

Summer M., Orange, California


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This is a subject that most folks do not like to discuss but it is a common problem with a lot of people and I want to share my story...hoping that it may help some other folks.


I have had a problem with constipation since I was a teen...I am now 64. The doctor told me that my colon did not produce enough secretion for proper elimination and she tried me on a med and said that I would require surgery if my problem was not corrected after I was weaned off the med. The problem was not corrected but another family member's health issue had to be taken care of before I could even think about surgery.


In the meantime, my sister-in-law, who was a nurse, told me about her experience with a new stool softener that had just came out on the market and, after trying it myself, found that it worked...if I took the pills. It was expensive; but I'm a big chicken, so I opted for the pills and expense rather than surgery.


Just after 4 days of drinking the Goji Juice, I started having a normal BM...sometimes 2-3 per day.  WHAT A SURPRISE! And this has continued now for over 2 1/2 years! (and I have not had to buy any more of those pills). BOY...I AM NOW A HAPPY CAMPER!


Vivian from Colorado

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Crohn’s Disease

For over thirty five years, I had Crohn’s Disease (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). In 1994, due to great stress in my life, I became progressively sick with this illness to the point that by 1996, I was completely unable to
work. I was unable to maintain any real level of health no matter what I tried over the years.

One thing led to another as Crohns Disease does not just confine itself to the digestive system, but affects multiple systems within the body. After ten abdominal surgeries removing much of my bowels, gallbladder, uterus, ovaries, I felt there wasn't much left of me. I was near death at one point with sepsis, in and out of the hospitals continuously, developed chronic pancreatitis, lung disease, cancer, an ugly red scaly rash that covered half of my body, a narrowing of my carotid artery in my brain which caused multiple T.I.A.'s (mini strokes), and more.

I was on chemotherapy, medication for Crohn’s (a monthly infusion at the hospital), steroids, radiation treatments and many more very potent drugs over the years that caused lots of nasty side-effects. Nothing was working. I knew I either had to find a way to get well or die well before it was time to, if just from the medication effects alone.

Then I was introduced to goji juice about 1 1/2 years ago. I read information about it and decided to give it a try. I had just gotten out of the hospital with another bout of pancreatitis and could hardly put one leg in front of the other, I was so exhausted. After my first two oz. of goji juice and about three hours later, I noticed I suddenly felt better. That was a strange feeling for me. I continued taking the goji. The longer I drank it, the healthier I felt.

Within a month, I was able to get off the prescription Crohn’s medication after four years of being on it. Because I had been on so many meds, it took about six months for me to make a full and complete recovery. My doctors, my friends and family were and continue to be amazed at my full recovery. As of this writing, I can honestly say that I am completely whole, happy and healthy.

Goji juice was the major catalyst for spring boarding me on to the next exciting and adventurous part of my life. I continue to drink it and would not be without it. --Susie, Thousand Oaks, CA

I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease 23 years ago. It slowly took over my life. It’s an extremely painful disease that led to other diseases including Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr, Degenerative Spinal Disease, and many more diseases involving my muscles, bones, and joints.

By August of 2003, the Crohn’s Disease had entered its last stages completely covering my digestive system from my esophagus to the end of my large intestine with inflammation, infection, and ulcers. I was on 12 different medications and my body was unable to absorb any nutrients from food. I spent most of my time in bed, the doctor’s office, or the hospital.

I began drinking 4 ounces of Goji juice every day since October. My doctor re-examined my esophagus all the way through large intestine. To his surprise, there was not one fragment of evidence of any disease there, not even a scar from all the ulcers. He told me my entire digestive tract ‘glistened.’ Many of the other diseases are healing as well. Food is no longer an enemy, and I threw away my cane and my medicine.

Debbie, Texas 

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Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

When I was 6 months old, I was diagnosed with a debilitating lung disease called Cystic Fibrosis (CF). It is similar to asthma, but more chronic. It is the most common fatal genetic disorder in the world. The average life span of a person diagnosed with CF is 33 and I'm 29.


I have now worked as a Medical Technologist in a Clinical Laboratory doing testing for 5 years, and throughout my employment, I have been hospitalized almost yearly. Recently, my wife (who is expecting with our first child)had to rush me to emergency room due to respiratory distress stemming from an infection. My oxygen saturation was down to 87%, and I literally couldn't breathe. After some struggles, they were able to stabilize me and I was admitted for almost a week in the hospital. I was started on oxygen and mega high dose of antibiotics during my admission. Almost a week later, I was released to go home utilizing a home health agency and portable IV antibiotics. 2 weeks went by, my lung capacity was still 10% too low. So my physician had me stay home from work another 2 weeks on a "big boy" antibiotic, vancomyacin. (now I was on 5 antibiotics daily.) At the end of that 2 week period, my wife had to rush me back to emergency room due to hemoptysis (coughing up blood) and pleurisy (a painful condition due to the inflammation around the pleural sack of the lungs). I was released after many tests were done, but I was discouraged.

Things needed to change! I cried out to God for healing and intervention.  I was tired of putting a "band-aide" on an arterial bleed. I was tired of covering a problem, not preventing one. I am tired of the doctor saying, "here, you're sick, have some drugs," or, "here, you can't breathe, have some air." shouldn't we be getting to the root of the problem? Isn't there something to help increase my immune system so that I don't get sick as often? Is 5 weeks of almost 350 pouches of IV antibiotics the only answer?

Around that time, some friends of mine sent me information on Goji juice. (they did not know that I had been sick for 5 weeks!). They knew I had a condition, and thought it would help me. BOY WERE THEY RIGHT! God heard my cry for intervention, that's for sure! I've been on Goji juice less than a week, and I'm bouncing off the walls. My wife is on the product too for first trimester symptoms, and she's also bouncing off the walls! I haven't had this much energy in years!

I can't wait to get this product into the hands of other CF patients. 16% of all CF patients get diagnosed with diabetes, maybe I can help lower that percentage through the use of this product. I'm still writing my story, but time will continue to tell how this can help me. Other CF patients will be amazed at the increase in the quality of life! I can't wait for others at the clinic where I work to try it! I'm trusting through the use of this product not only will my life span be increased but my physical freedoms will be too! Any more questions about Cystic Fibrosis and Goji, feel free to email the webmaster and she will contact me.

Mark B., Champaign, IL

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I had several reasons to drink Goji juice but I didn't think about the growth of cysts.  In 3 weeks later, I went for mammography.  I was told my cyst has decreased into smaller size.  When I came home, I saw Goji juice in the refrigerator.  It came up in my mind that the Goji Juice has helped me to improve my health.  That was pretty fast ..  so I decided to stay with Goji Juice. "  Pam

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My husband has Alzheimers in addition to physical illnesses.  Several months ago, he was hospitalized with a suspected infection. He was unable to walk and could not feed himself.  After a week of medical work ups and a week of rehab  he was discharged with the expectation that he would need around the clock nursing.  My fear was that his brain was not sending messages to his body to perform normal functions. We started drinking Goji Juice, and he is now walking unaided, attends Adult Day Care three days a week, is no longer incontinent and can get in and out of chairs without his booster. 


Yesterday, we received a copy of his latest labs.  He has had sluggish kidneys and I expected dialysis was in his future, however, he now has normal kidney function and his diabetes is controlled.   


Goji Juice has exceeded my expectations and made my life easier.  I am so grateful.


Carolyn H.

My Mother is 82 years old and she has had Senile Dementia for the last 7 years. Dementia, a progressive brain dysfunction, leads to a gradually increasing restriction of daily activities. The most well-known type of dementia is Alzheimer's disease.

We have tried the drugs from the Doctor and holistic means to try and slow down the progression of the disease. A few months ago she had to be hospitalized because she stopped eating and couldn't get out of bed. The doctors said she was in the last stages of the disease and they didn't have much else to offer except drugs to control behavior.  We brought her home to be around family for whatever time she had left. She was only taking sips of liquid and small amounts of soft food.

I heard about Goji juice from a friend and I started her drinking it.  She responded right away. She is up every day now with a healthy appetite and is much more alert. She doesn't get the extreme agitation

anymore or try to wander off. She can talk and understand much better now. I'm a nurse and I have worked with people with Dementia and Alzheimer's. I have never seen anything reverse the symptoms of these types of diseases. Her quality of life is so much better. I hope that other people that have family members that are going through this will try Goji juice.

I thank God for Goji juice.

6/10/2006 follow up:

This is a follow up for those who have asked how my Mother who has Dementia is doing.  She is doing great.

She is still home with us and has been drinking Goji for ten months now. She loves to sing hymns; she dances

around the house to Calypso music (she's Jamaican) for exercise.  Her appetite is still very good and she

enters into conversations at dinner.  I have no doubt that without Goji she would either be in the Alzheimer's

ward of a nursing home or not with us at all. We are very grateful. 

Vivien M., Palm Bay, FL

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Last Tuesday, July 18, I had crown lengthening oral surgery with local anesthesia. To this day, Sunday July 23, I have had absolutely NO pain. I'm drinking 8+ oz. of Goji juice daily and drank 12 oz. on July 18."

Linda, California

Gums Regenerating!  A few years ago I noticed I had a receding gum line on one of my front teeth. This was uncomfortable and was emotionally disheartening due to the concern of the likelihood of losing teeth in the future.


After my friend told me that his dentist was amazed because his gums had regenerated after several years drinking goji juice, I felt mine to see if the "gap" was still there and to my absolute happy surprise my gum had no "gap" any longer and was fully regenerated also!!!!


Thank God for goji once again!!!

Rome B., Wilson NC, USA             

I was dealing with a very severe toothache when I started drinking Goji juice a few months ago. I was in so much pain that after taking four Ibuprofen and using an ice pack on my face, I was still in terrible pain.

After using Goji juice for two days, I was pain free. I ran out of Goji juice a few weeks, and I was in severe pain again after being off the product for 3 or 4 days. The pain continued for the next few weeks until I got back on the Goji juice. I was pain free again after about 2 days and I have continued to remain pain free. I give Goji juice complete credit for my health improvements and I know that if this product can do this much to relieve pain then it shows what it is doing for the rest of my overall health.

Jennifer, Peru, Indiana

I have been struggling with gingivitis for over a year now.  At one point I had to go on two rounds of strong antibiotics to get rid of it.  My gums have receded to the point where I couldsee the roots of my teeth in several areas.  The gingivitis recently came back again.  I had just started taking Goji juice so I started doing mouth rinses with it several times a day and the gingivitis is now all gone. I did not use any antibiotics and no other natural healing remedies. I am so relieved.  I know Goji juice works.


Patsy C., Prince Albert, Saskatchewn, Canada

For over a year I had a persistent tooth infection that failed to heal, even after taking numerous antibiotics!

Eventually, after a root canal and many trips to the endodontist with no results, I was introduced to Goji juice. Within hours, I could feel the drainage of this affected area and my mouth. My fevers have dissipated, I sleep well and I am thankful for this marvelous juice! P.S. I work in the dental industry!

Cheryl, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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Down’s Syndrome

My son Ryan is 11 years old. He was born with Down’s Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects physical and intellectual development. From the moment he was born we realized that the challenge was set and that the outcome of his progress was up to us.

Our brief emotional roller coaster ride was replaced with a passion and thirst for knowledge to help him progress. With that in mind, I embarked upon learning everything I could about the disorder.

What struck me the most was the information pertaining to the effect of lipid peroxidation (causes aging) on the person with Down’s Syndrome. Studies emphasize that oxidative stress is doubled in people with Down Syndrome and much of free radical damage occurs after birth in the course of ones lifetime which is characterized by a shortened life span. After learning this we placed Ryan on a custom-designed nutritional supplement packed with anti oxidants. However, the supplements were in a natural powder form and just the smell of the mixture was enough to ruin my appetite. Every day Ryan took the supplement, but begged me not to give it to him as he hated the taste and smell.


For Ryan progress takes time especially in the areas of fine motor skills such as being able to write, zip up his pants and buttoning. He has been in therapy based intervention programs since birth. Scores are kept and progress is charted every couple of months. Hand eye coordination, body balance and strength are assessed at each visit with the therapist.

The first activity is a balance and coordination game scored by a computer, except this time Ryan’s therapist thinks that there is something wrong with the computer because Ryan's score has tripled since last weeks session. She repeats the game so Ryan jumps, skips and follows the screen instructions perfectly at a much faster speed than ever before. She is excited, marks the score and comments, “ What’s going on?”  I am elated at the fact that he has just reached his 3 month goal in one day. Next he goes to the table where he practices cursive writing.  It normally takes him 20 minutes to finish 7 words with some help. This time he announces: “I will do this on my own“. Happily the therapist agrees. Five minutes and he is done. Now she turns to me and says “So what’s going on? What have you been doing with Ryan?” We laugh… while Ryan is beaming with success. Next they race who is going to button the buttons first. This has always been the most difficult task for him and sometimes he would give up. This time he did not give up.  He worked hard and was able to button all the buttons in half the time than usual.

On the way home I called my husband to tell him that Ryan made this incredible leap in motor skills. He was elated as he said, “The only difference in the last 3 weeks is that Ryan has been drinking Goji juice“. That evening for the first time Ryan completed his writing homework with no help and continues to do so on a daily bases. His school work comes home marked with A’s . Only a few weeks ago I could hardly get him going in the mornings. He looked tired and not motivated to get dressed for school. This morning he absolutely blew me away with his change. He stepped out of his bedroom all dressed, hair combed and teeth brushed. I was ecstatic as I handed him his Goji juice, and he gladly drank it. This was quite a contrast from his other powder supplement. I told him how proud I was of him, and he said “It’s a new day Mom!”


Our whole family drinks Goji juice and we all feel the benefits of this amazing berry, especially Ryan. Everyone notices the progress that would normally take months for Ryan to achieve. Thanks to Goji juice,  Ryan has gained self-confidence, energy and more independence. We are grateful for the discovery of Goji juice as it’s noticeably changing our son‘s life and enhancing every ones.

Lu P., Safety Harbor, Florida

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Dry Eye

I have suffered for over 2 1/2 years with dry eyes. The doctor said it looked like someone had sanded the finish off my eyes. This was so painful, it felt like they were full of sand. After 2 1/2 years of lubrication and artificial tears, my eyes were healing, but I could not stand any type of light. My eyes looked like they were closed because I would squint so bad. I thought I would have to wear my sunglasses (goggle type) and big sun visor the rest of my life.

Then I was introduced to Goji juice. I started drinking the Goji juice in Sept. 2004, drinking 2 oz. twice a day. After 2 1/2 weeks drinking the Goji juice, I went into the bathroom and without realizing it, I reached to turn the vanity light on. I looked in the mirror and my eyes were wide open. I started shouting look at my eyes. Wow! What a miracle. My eyes are still improving with moisture and so is my vision. At times, I can go all day without using any artificial tears.

I thank God and Goji juice for having my eyes back.

Marcia, Illinois

I've had a condition called dry eye for five years now. The tear ducts are unable to produce tears, especially at night.  In the morning my eyes would often be glued shut and I would have to use a finger to open them, I could not do it with the eye muscles alone. I was also getting sharp shooting pains through both eyeballs and general eyeball pressure.

This morning after 39 days of drinking Goji juice (2 ounces morning and night), I awoke with lubricated eyes. Am I ecstatic? Am I a doubter? No more! And the pain is also gone.

We have to remember,  we can put drops in the eyes and bathe them with liquid tears, but these do not change the problem with the tear ducts, it just allows us to cope with tear ducts that do not secrete tears.

I believe that the nutrients in the Goji juice changed my tear duct cells back to the condition they were in before I got the dry eye problem. Thank you God for Goji juice

Larry W., Alberta, Canada

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I’ve had dyslexia since childhood. I’ve always loved reading, but got the words mixed up and so it has been very frustrating for me. Surprisingly, I was able to get my drivers license because I memorized the signs!

Within the first month of drinking Goji juice, I realized I could read without mixing up the words. I read several pages from a book to my friend last night and he was stunned. I got every word right and in the correct order and I understood what I was reading!

Goji juice has helped me get my life back. I’m so happy that I was introduced to this wonderful juice.

Lisa, Washington

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Ear Infections

I am 30 years old for the past 6 years I have had chronic ear infections. At first they were 3 to 4 times a years then for the past couple of years I have had an ear infection every other month. The only way I could get rid of ear infections was antibiotics.

After 4 days of drinking goji juice, my stress level dropped and my muscle tension in the back of the neck went away. When I got sick a week later I got an ear infection, I went to the doctors and he told me my ears were healing naturally so I could choose not to take antibiotics. I chose not to take them and let my ears continue to heal naturally.

Four months later I thought that I had an ear infection, but the doctor said I had some wax and I did not have an ear infection. I believe drinking the goji juice has helped me not have ear infections like I have had in the past.

Sincerely, Rick D., California

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My sister, Jeanne, suffers from a brain tumor on her pituitary gland and experiences frequent seizures (sometimes referred to as epilepsies). She tried several different medicines only to end up feeling worse. So with frustration, she gave up and quit taking all medicines. Out of hope, I gave Jeanne a bottle of Goji juice to try. Miraculously, she no longer experiences seizures (epilepsies)!

Barbie D., California

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I'm a diabetic and while on a recent visit to my doctor he told me that I had gangrene in my left foot. The problem started out as a blister, which turned into a terrible infection with red streaks running up my entire leg. The sores on my foot wouldn't heal and my doctor said I would need to check into the hospital to have my toes, possibly my foot and perhaps my leg up to my knee removed.

The day before my scheduled hospital visit, I started drinking Goji juice and almost instantly I felt more energy and great relief from the pain. I told my doctor that I wanted to postpone my surgery for a week to ten days to see how my foot would do.  As the days went by, I could tell my foot was getting better every day.

After drinking the Goji juice for ten days, I went back to the doctor and he said my foot was healing up very nicely and that surgery was no longer necessary.

Thanks to the Goji juice, I have been able to reduce my oral medication for diabetes and the severe arthritic pain in my knees is gone. I'm now able to walk 2 miles each day and feeling better than I have in years.

Betty, WA

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Recently I had a couple of weeks of severe abdominal pains that woke me every night and I could not go back to sleep. I had zero energy and I felt feverish several days. I ate the same foods, but much less than usual. Things got worse, not better. My bowel movements were very painful and very different and became non existent; I was scared when I painfully passed a glob of mucus. I had been very healthy for 48 years, although, I'd been under considerable stress for seven or eight months. I could not get a doctor's appointment for a week and was told I'd most likely need to see a gastro-intestinal specialist and they were booking five weeks ahead.

So, I called a doctor, who happens to be the world’s number one authority on wellness. He suggested I drink 8 ounces of Goji juice a day along with some other nutritional supplements.

Without taking any other supplements, and by drinking a total of four bottles of Goji juice in 2 1/2 weeks, I began to sleep through the night and my bowels were headed back to normal. I have my energy back and absolutely zero pain or discomfort! I can't wait to see how I'm feeling in another month or two. I'm not going to worry about how I'll afford what I need to take for my health. All I know is I now have a powerful testimony for how Goji juice has helped me and I am very, very grateful!

Joyce W., Maui

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I have been a sufferer of gout for many years, even though I take a tablet daily for protection. Since taking 30 ml. (about 1 ounce) of Goji Juice. twice daily. I have not had another attack of gout. I can definitely recommend Goji Juice.

Shirley B.

I suffer from Gout and I’m a truck driver.  I spend a lot of time sitting and don’t necessarily eat right while I'm on the road.  About 3 or 4 times a year I end up with a gout attack.  Usually the Gout attack lasts around 7 to 10 days and in the middle of it I can hardly walk and I can’t drive the truck because I have trouble pushing the clutch in.  My last attack came while I was on vacation and I was out of Goji juice.  I began having pain in the ball of my foot, as that is where it usually starts. Fortunately my Goji juice arrived later that day and within 2 days I didn’t have any pain and the Goji juice staved off the Gout attack.

Carrol, Illinois

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Graves' Disease

Just over 7 years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease (over-active thyroid). I've been on medication to try to control my thyroid since being diagnosed. Regularly my blood is tested to see whether the medication has to be adjusted. During this time my thyroid has been like a rollercoaster, but never been back to "normal". In a nutshell, I've dragged myself through life for the last 7 years, no energy nor stamina and finding enthusiasm was a lost cause. I'm only 51, way too young to feel so old.

I started to take Goji juice late in December, 2006, and after 4 weeks I started to feel really good. Friends were thinking that I'd fallen in love, wondering what the sparkle in my eyes was all about. I was curious, so went and had another blood test. When I went back to the doctor and he said my thyroid was in the normal range. I said "NORMAL!", he said "Yes normal," I said "NORMAL!" he said "Yes normal," and so on. Very exciting. No wonder I was feeling the best I'd felt in 7 years.

Also, I've noticed huge improvement in the acute and chronic back pain I've felt for several years. And another thing.......I'd been getting cramps in my fingers, toes, neck, calves etc.. Well the cramps have completely disappeared. All this after being on Goji Juice for only 6 weeks.

I feel at peace and happy. I'm so thankful to Goji juice for getting me back on track and now I feel joyfully enthusiastic about my future which absolutely includes Goji Juice.

Mary, Ballarat, Australia

In 1999, I was given a drug for hot flashes. In 2000, I was told my uterus was huge and I had a seven pound cancerous tumor, that I believe I got it from the drug because I was given too much estrogen from the drug.

I had an immune system breakdown from the cancer and a few months latter I got Grave's disease and eye disease along with the Graves disease. My eyes were so protruded I had double vision and I was very sick, eating constantly and having to stay close to a bathroom. I could not work for three years.


I changed my diet and ate only organic food and no coffee. Three months ago a friend told me about Goji juice and I began to drink the juice . My eyes have gone down and my thyroid condition has improved.  My t3 and t4 cell count is normal. I feel a normal amount of energy, more natural and overall, feel great.

Thank you.

Jerre J., Grand Junction, Colorado

I did not believe my health could ever change for the better but drinking Goji juice faithfully has done just that! I have Graves' Disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Getting to sleep and getting out of bed was an unbearable chore. My energy was gone and my skin was ashen.

Today I am a new woman with energy to spare. Thank you Goji juice for giving me my life back.

Barbara B., Texas

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I am so excited to share my own personal Goji juice success story. Thirty years ago, I had lost 50% of my hair due to taking a now-illegal weight-loss supplement. Since that time, only 80% of my hair returned and I have tried everything from scalp injections to many types of pills in an attempt to regain my lost hair, but with no success until now.

My son introduced me to Goji juice about a month ago not realizing it would have a positive effect on growing new hair; upon taking 3 oz. per day of Goji, I can honestly report that I am growing new hair on my entire scalp. This is amazing, in fact my hair is growing so quickly that I am forced to now put my hair back into a pony tail for the first time in over 30 years. I hope this message will encourage people with thinning hair to drink Goji juice.  I will NEVER be without Goji juice again.

Mona W. - Wichita, KS.

When I first learned about Goji juice I was only interested in continued good health and prevention from some of the aging diseases (i.e.high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer) that most people experience.  I have been drinking Goji juice since April 05 (2 oz. twice a day) everyday.  In just 6 months I have NEW HAIR growing on my balding head--some 4 inches in length already!!!  Now all of our nephews in their 30's are taking Goji juice too."  This is phenomenal and just imagine what it is doing inside my body. 


Gregg,  Washington

After being on Goji juice for 4 or 5 months, my father-in-law commented that it looked like my hair was getting darker. I'm 59 and didn't think much about his comment as my hair had been getting more gray in it for several years and knew it was just part of growing older.

Later that evening I remembered the comment, looked in the mirror and did notice my hair did appear a shade darker. Just my imagination, I thought. Well, over the past several months, it's been getting darker and darker. I'm told it's because Goji juice stimulates the production of HGH (human growth hormone) which causes us to look younger in various ways.

Bill C., Oregon

I must share my husband’s story. He is a very healthy man, but he was unhappy about his hair because he had a pretty good size bald spot on the top of his head, along with a receding hairline. Notice I said, "had". He started drinking Goji juice at the end of March. He no longer has a bald spot! It has completely filled in with his own hair. It started out like peach fuzz and just continued to grow. His receding hairline is filling in also. Needless to say he is telling others about Goji juice.

Donna S.

I have been drinking Goji juice for approximately 6 months and find it incredible. I am experiencing new hair growth as well as darkened hair color.

I have much more energy with no mid afternoon tiredness. I have inflammation issues because of a whiplash injury and Goji juice handles this problem like a champ. At long last a health product you can be proud to refer to your family and friends. I am very thankful.

Denis L., Ontario, Canada

About a year ago I had a temple artery biopsy. For the surgery I had to have my hair shaved off on the side of my head not too far from my ear. I don't know if it was the medication I was on, the illness I have, or the local anesthetics, but my hair changed from that time on. My hair grew back at the shaved area, but the texture was lifeless all over. My hair became tissue paper, see-through thin, came out by long strands, and broke off at the ends.

It kept getting worse until I started drinking Goji juice; two ounces in the morning and two ounces in the evening. Within a couple of months I noticed my hair was growing in thicker at the roots and stopped breaking off. Thanks to Goji juice, my hair is growing back and looking healthy again. Before Goji juice, I would run my hand through my hair and it would come out in a hand full. Now I can pull it and it will not come out. Thank God for Goji juice!

Wanda, California

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When I first learned about Goji juice I was living on Maui working at an art gallery. I enjoyed my job meeting interesting people from around the world but I was having heartburn a lot more frequently, not sleeping well and didn‘t have a lot of energy.

I was initially interested in the Goji juice hoping to sleep better and have more energy. The day I got my juice, I experienced an attack of heartburn. The funny thing is, my first thought was that I should take some Rolaids or Tums, but my next thought was “this drink is supposed to be good for me, so lets see what it does”.

I drank the Goji juice and sure enough my heartburn went away. I was so excited and it was true that over the next couple weeks I did get better sleep and woke up refreshed and feeling alive all day long.

I want to also share with you that I was taking a big chance. I didn't have any extra money to get the juice, I was living paycheck to paycheck. By making some lifestyle changes, I was able to purchase my first order of Goji juice. Thanks to everyone and God bless all those involved with the group of people who shared this juice with me.

Travis S., California

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Back in 2000, my doctor told me I have HEP-C and told me I would always have it, would die in an awful way and it wouldn't take long (no bedside manner).

Last year I started going to HCHD hospital and they asked if I had any health matters. I hold them my diagnosis. When I heard about goji juice, I started drinking it right away. The Dr. took some tests and then sent me to Ben Taub for treatment.

I had started the Goji juice 3 months before I started the treatment. When I went for my 2nd follow-up 3 months after I started the treatment, my virus went from 3 million down to 0!

Praise be to God, the virus is gone! My GI doctor called me her "miracle patient". Only 50 out of 100 people even respond to the treatment much less get 100% result down to 0 virus. I do not have any side effects and I highly recommend Goji Juice to the whole world.  I believe Goji juice actually saved my life!

Sharla M., Houston, TX

I was told by my doctor that I had Hepatitis B and C and my cholesterol was very high.  A liver biopsy indicated I was in the first stage.  I was instructed by my doctor to start Interferon and Ribavirin treatment for six months, but I wasn’t able to continue with them for long because they were too hard on my body.

In January of 2005, I started drinking Goji juice. This is what has happened since then:

On my next visit to my gastroenterologist, he told me the me the Hepatitis B was gone.

My primary doctor said my cholesterol is now in the normal range.

In October 2005, my doctor told me that the Hepatitis C is gone from my body.

I thank God and Goji juice.

Gerline H., Tampa, FL

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I have had chronic hives on and off for the past thirty years.  In the past the hives have been controlled with antihistamines, prednisone and relaxers. The last outbreak lasted 9 months making me mentally fatigued, weaken body muscles and over all feeling depressed not to say the embarrassment the swelling of the lips, face and extremities.

The very day I started taking the first two ounces of Goji juice, I felt a calming feeling over my entire body. Using two ounces in the morning and two ounces at supper time I found relief at last.  At certain times I have more daily life stresses and when that happens I take another ounce and within the hour the swelling has gone down including the itching.

Thank you Goji juice for making my body cells work efficiently again.

Sue, Minnesota

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In August of 2003, I was diagnosed with HIV. In November 2003, my doctor put me on meds which resulted in such a severe reaction that it almost took my life after only week on them. So I stopped taking them and then my t-cells kept dropping and so was my lymphocyte count, my viral load was hovering around 40,000.

In August of 2005, I started a new regime my doctor put me on, and thankfully I had no severe reaction. My viral load slowly was going down, but my t-cells were still decreasing and not increasing.

In April 2006, I stumbled upon Goji Juice accidentally. I was taking 6-7 ounces a day until July when I was told by the “Father of Nutrition” that I really needed to be consuming at least 16 oz a day.

Two days before my last blood test I started doing that. My test results found no detection, no trace of the virus in my blood, and my t-cells went up to near 300 and my lymphocyte count rose into the 20’s. To have a normal count, it needs to be in the mid to high 30’s. That‘s great news and my doctor was astounded. I stopped taking the meds awhile ago and we will see what happens on the next blood test in October.

So far this is really astounding and amazing. I don’t feel toxic anymore from all the poisons the meds were giving me. The HIV community really needs Goji Juice to get their lives back to optimal health.

P. P., Florida

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Early February 2005, my 9-year-old daughter, Paige, was diagnosed with Henoch Schoenlein Purpura Disease (HSP), a type of hypersensitivity vasculitis and inflammatory response within the blood vessel. The exact cause of this disorder is unknown. She had high levels of blood and protein in the urine and severe swelling in her legs. What concerned the doctors most was a blood test called ANA was coming back positive, which wasn't typical for HSP. Her doctors from La Rabida Hospital decided it was necessary to do a kidney biopsy, to see if any damage was being done and find out why the ANA was coming back abnormal.

The morning of her biopsy I doubled her dose of Goji juice to 2 ounces each day. Within 4 days later, her counts dropped dramatically and her ANA was negative, all blood/urine work was back to normal.

She was released from doctor’s care last month. She is doing great, no problems at all. She's back to her normal self, very happy and energetic. I know the Goji juice played a major role in my daughter making a great, speedy recovery. Thank you.

Bridgitt B., Illinois

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Human Papilloma Virus

I have been diagnosed over the years with Acid Refluxing, Sinusitis, Allergies, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, nodules on my vocal chords, Irritable bowel syndrome, and lower back and knee pain from
injuries, to name a few. I have been taking Goji Juice for over two years and have noticed over a period of time little to virtually no symptoms regarding the health conditions mentioned. I take no medication for any of those conditions.

But the most amazing thing that happened to me was when I was diagnosed over two years ago with Human Papilloma Virus. I was stunned to be diagnosed with this condition as I had been happily married for 10 years at that time, my husband and I are monogamous in our relationship, so I could not understand how I contracted the virus. Smoking can aggravate the virus as can stress and at that time I was doing both. My doctor was also amazed at the fact that HPV is what causes cervical cancer, and I have no cervix or uterus as I had a hysterectomy about 13 years prior. He referred me to an Oncologist and at that time the doctor confirmed the diagnosis of the other doctor.

About this time I began taking Goji juice because my good friend told me about it. I instantly began taking it. Without realizing it, over a period of a few weeks, I began sleeping better, waking up refreshed, had more energy, but the greatest thing happened when I saw the Oncologist three months later. He was astounded that the pre-cancer cells had "disappeared". They had completely vanished. He seemed confused. I too at that time was confused until I later realized it had to be the Goji.

I thank God every day for this amazing juice because it has helped me in so many areas of my life and I will never stop taking it. I feel fantastic! Thank you God for Goji and I am so thankful for this wonderful juice!

G. Waring, Texas


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I have quite a powerful testimony concerning this little Goji berry! I want to share it with everyone; I want to shout it from the rooftops! I have spent nearly 7 years searching for the answer to my health problems. God promised that he would provide all that we need, so I was searching for His nutrition and health, not medicine. I have heard and read many strong testimonies since I began my own Goji journey, and I am truly amazed at the wide range of diseases that are positively affected by the Goji berry!

I began drinking Goji juice on December 19, 2005. It was suggested I try it to help stabilize my blood sugar ( I have had severe hypoglycemia for years.) I didn’t believe it would help, because the pamphlet I just read talked about Goji helping Type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar was extremely low, never high. I was told it was supposed to stabilize my blood sugar, so it should help. I didn’t have anything to lose, I was still on my quest for health and I was determined not to quit until I found the answer. That afternoon when I got home, I took one ounce. Before I went to bed, I felt really good (which is not normal) so I thought I would just go ahead and have another ounce! I also made a decision that night to give up all other herbs and vitamins I was currently taking. The next morning I still felt good and I took another ounce. For the first time in several years, my blood sugar did not dip dangerously low (between 40 & 60)! I was elated but skeptical. How long would this last? I had tried everything in the past few years but to no avail. This was too good to be true! To make a long story short, today is January 15, 2006. For almost one month I have had NO trouble with my blood sugar no matter what I eat or drink. I am thrilled!

Other effects of Goji that I had not anticipated are that the psoriasis in my scalp (that was driving me crazy) is about 90% improved and doesn’t bother me at all. You would never know I had it. I had a wart on my upper left thigh that has completely disappeared. I have lost some weight because I no longer crave carbs, especially bread. I feel “good” most of the time. This improves daily. I am no longer addicted to an adrenaline rush! Unfortunately, this went on for years before I even understood what I was doing! My naturally “hyper” personality has calmed considerably. My energy is stable now, it doesn’t come and go. My skin is also becoming much softer and it is not as dry. I can run on the treadmill now which is very exciting! I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next! I just love this little berry! I believe it is truly a miracle that God has given to us. It is ultimately up to us however to decide if we truly want to be healthy.

Mary Ann A., Kentucky

I am 64 years old and had a problem with Hypoglycemia most of my adult life (low sugar - opposite of high sugar).


If I didn't eat at the proper time or eat the wrong foods, my blood sugar would go too low and I would feel weakness, shaking, nausea and feel like I was going to pass out. I would have to get something into me really fast to eliminate these feelings. I always kept something at my desk to chomp down on if I couldn't take a break or go to lunch at the appropriate time.


Just after a couple of weeks of drinking Goji Juice, I no longer experience any of the bad feelings that goes along with low blood sugar; this has been about 2 1/2 years ago.


Vivian from Colorado

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During the last 30 years I have been afflicted with diabetes, leukemia, high blood pressure, and hypertension. My last affliction was Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), I was a prisoner in my own home. I could not eat like a normal person. I ate boiled eggs, yogurt, and then more yogurt. That was a typical diet for me. Solid food would cause my stomach to rebel.


I decided to try Goji Juice and my life has not been the same since. Within three days, I was eating normal food, my stomach pain and diarrhea were gone. I started noticing other changes. I did not have to wake up three or four times during the night for a bathroom call. I started sleeping through the entire night. Approximately three to five weeks later I noticed my blood sugar readings were on a downward trend, I immediately took all my readings (AM/PM) and created a graph. I have been monitoring my blood sugar twice a day since October, and they continue to decrease.

There was another extreme change that took place. Before Goji juice, I would wake up during the night with excruciating pain in my legs and toes. Recently I woke up one night, and could not figure out what was going on. I realized I no longer had leg and toe pain cause by neuropathy, circulation to my toes and legs had returned. Another bonus I just noticed, my toes are now pink, they use to be black with fungus. My toes look normal once more.


I was scheduled to see my Urologist for my prostate check up, I missed that appointment, I forgot all about it I was feeling so good. When I did go my PSA was way below what was normal for me (1.5), I would normally have a reading of 5 or greater.

What have I done to cause all these changes? I have been drinking 50 milli liters. of Goji Juice three or four times a day. Goji Juice has become a way of life with this family, and we are sharing the secret.

Mr. "Z" El Paso, Texas

My IBS is doing really doing Great....gee I never thought that I would be able to say that after 24 years. I would have to say that I believe I have finally broken the cycle.

I started drinking Goji juice in March of 2005 and at that time I was in a very bad way. I was so bloated all the time that I had to wear maternity clothes. I couldn't stand the pressure on my stomach as it seemed to increase the amount of diarrhea I would have. My intestines were so swollen that you could feel them if you gently touched my stomach. At this time my intestines were always in spasm. I have been on prescription medication for years without much relief. To say I was without my hope would be accurate. I thought that I had tried everything.

As I said I started taking Goji juice at the rate of 2 ounces a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. On a bad day I would take 3-4times a day.

I am grateful to say that as of Sept.13 I haven't had to wear maternity clothes. Do you know how good it feels to wear regular clothes? Better then that, is the fact that I'm not in constant PAIN. Life is great when your not in pain.

Goji juice gave me my life back.


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Immune System

My name is Mark and I want to share with you about Goji Juice and how it helped keep me healthy against overwhelming odds.

In September 2005, 142 of us were deployed by the US Army to Louisiana to assist in the cleanup of Hurricane Katrina. The smell from the huge open sewer created by breaks in the levy was overpowering, and the unsanitary conditions left us open to all sorts of disease.

After a month of cleanup work, my Medical NCO, our medic in charge, came over and said, “I haven’t seen you or Jeff in my sick tent, yet.” I’ve checked my records and you are the only two I haven’t treated.

Our medic treated walking pneumonia, allergies, asthma, and other problems. A few people, including my clerk, had to be evacuated due to illness. I was pleased to tell him that Jeff and I have been drinking Goji Juice, the one and only standardized goji juice with the spectral signature, developed by the world famous doctor, author of many nutritional books. It made a difference for us by strengthening our immune systems. I know it will work for you too.

Mark R. - MO

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My Mom was 83 years old and she had suffered with a severe problem with incontinence for over 10 years. During those years, the doctors had her on several different prescription drugs for the problem but none of them worked. Mom did not sleep much because of having to get up four to five times during the night to use the bathroom. A couple of days after she started drinking goji juice, she only got up one time and after about two weeks she was sleeping through the entire night. This was a long awaited blessing to her, as she told me that she also felt like she had some "pep". Needless to say...it was also a blessing to me, knowing that she was finally getting some rest....and...guess what? Mom stopped taking those prescription meds.


Vivian from Colorado

About 15 years ago, while taking a bath. I discovered I had a prolapsed bladder. I had been doing some heavy lifting, which I think caused the problem. I made an appointment with a Urologist who along with a Gynecologist did my surgery to correct the problem. Six weeks after surgery I became incontinent. I tried various treatments with no success. For 15 years I have been purchasing pads for about $18.00 a package, instead of being able to take a cruise occasionally like some of my friends and family members have done. I continued changing pads during the day and night when I would get up to go to the bathroom.

For my 89th birthday, my sister gave me 2 bottles of Goji Juice. For many years I had heard about these people far away in the Himalayan Mountains who lived to be a 100 + with no white hair and all their teeth. People wondered about the soil in which they grew their food, the fresh mountain air they breathed and the mountain sunshine. Now I have some of that Goji berry juice which I expected to enhance my general health, improve my breathing and maybe keep me from taking $500 worth of medicine a month. When those 2 bottles were almost gone I could see I needed to keep drinking more.

Just recently I woke up at 6:00 AM with the sun shinning into my bedroom. I thought WOW! I have slept all night without getting up to go to the bathroom even once. Usually I got up several times during the night and couldn’t go back to sleep for 2, 3 or 4 hours. Thinking back a few nights, I got up only once the night before and only twice a night in recent nights and went right back to sleep. Not only am I sleeping better, I am no longer incontinent, after just 2 ½ months after drinking Goji juice. I was not expecting such miraculous results from the Goji juice.


Now this story is not what I was brought up to tell at the table – not table talk – and too long for the bridge table. So when am I going to capture the attention of friends long enough to give my testimony? I am packing up the new package of pads and taking them to a nursing home. I will continue to drink Goji Juice and thank God for it.

Elizabeth, Texas

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On May 1, 2006, Karima had a 10 pound tumor surgically removed. Karima drank 2 ounces of Goji juice twice a day, instead of the prescribed medication (drugs), and successfully lowered and normalized her blood sugar and blood pressure prior to and after surgery.

A mishap during surgery caused massive infection and a complete shutdown of her bodily functions and sent her into a coma.  Karima was immediately rushed by helicopter to the ICU unit. They did not have a positive prognosis for her survival. She was on intravenous, dialysis and respirator plus other medications.

Karima’s father gave the head physician research literature including a bottle of Goji juice with the ultimatum “Find a way to give her this Goji Juice.” After studying the material, the Doctors and the entire ICU staff were given an overview of Goji, and agreed to deliver the juice by esophageal tube after her father signed a release form releasing the hospital from responsibility of any reaction due to the breaking of protocol and hospital procedures.

They started feeding the equivalent of one ounce of Goji juice per can of nutrient “substance” every 2 hours. Karima opened her eyes and nodded to her father in response the next day. With continual communication and monitoring, the Goji was gradually increased and medication was reduced. On May 24, Bobby was informed that Goji Juice was increased to 250cc.

As of May 27, Karima was off of all medication, continual dialysis had been discontinued (changed to 3 times a week intervals, if needed) and she was responsive and comprehensive to everything happening to her.

She continued to improve, drinking Goji juice all the while, and on June 27, Karima was discharged from the hospital and sent home in an ambulance. The detailed medical report case history stated that her entire body was infected and all systems had shut down. Also, that the decision to administer the Goji Juice after studying the information and research provided, was due to her father's conviction of the powers of this Goji Juice. They also included Goji juice on her prescription for home care and other medical follow-up facilities, with dialysis for three times a week, if needed. Her weight was about 200 pounds and she had to learn how to walk on her own power again, but she was alive.

As of November 2006, Karima is off dialysis, all medication and is happily traveling and enjoying vacation with her husband, William.

Alberta and Bobby, North Carolina, Karmin's parents

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Jamie's Story

As a child I can remember being different from everyone else and hated that kind of attention. I just wanted to be normal as the world can be so cruel to people who are different.

I was a sick child, and a child, who could not talk, could not hear and I cried all the time. I was locked inside of myself. I felt I was inside always looking out. I was a child who threw herself down and banged her head on the floor, or up against the wall. I hated food; food was for throwing on the floor or at my family. I slept only a few hours at night. My poor Mom, she was always there for me to hold me and to love me no matter what.

Growing up was hard for me, constant battles to stay in school in our community. I would have to attend the Tennessee School for the Deaf 1 ½ hours from our home. Leaving my family was difficult, especially my Mom.
My Mom had always been there to love and protect me.

At age 14 I became very ill after playing a game of basketball, rushed to the hospital and this was the start of my medical testing for an auto-immune disease.

I had seizures, very painful headaches, and my body started shutting down on me. I was falling down while walking, falling out of my chair at school, and having extreme pain in my joints. I was put on many meds and one being steroids, and my little body, size 6 blew up to a large size 16 in a very short while.

What was wrong with me? After many tests, so many different doctors, I was afraid I was going to die.

I was taking so many meds that the meds started causing me to have other problems, so needed more meds. While other Moms packed school lunches, my Mom packed my bag of meds.

During the high school years I was put on a second oral chemo, and this became my life line. I tried hard to have a normal life but my illnesses would not allow it. I spent more than half my school years at home, too ill to attend school.

My senior year my Dad was diagnosed with cancer. We were very close and this was very hard on me. I developed Barrett’s Disease and Pancreatitis.

Here I was in Children’s Hospital with my Dad in the next bed to me as he would not leave me. Once I recovered, my Dad died 7 weeks later.

I was a freshman in college when my Dad died, and went and took my mid term exams and finished out the semester. However, in May my body started to reject the meds I was on, I was so very ill. I was not much of an eater but yet by body kept swelling.

I was introduced to a nutritional product in July 2004 and I started to get better, I felt my body becoming healthier. I was so excited! But, everything started slowing down and I felt I just could not get over the hump. I continued taking this product, and knew that I was at least getting the fruits and veggies that I needed as I had never been a good eater.

Then in January 2006 our dear friend, Nancy Rhodes introduced us to the Goji Juice.

It was now time to take control of my own health issues after all, I would soon be 21. I was tired of all these meds, all 17 of them! Did not like feeling like a walking drugstore and having a medicine taste all day.

I wanted to try Goji but needed my Mom to help me pay for it. She agreed, and Goji and I became best friends. I took 8 ounces a day and I started sleeping better right away, could get out of bed like a normal person and had energy. I could now walk my 55 lb. dog, ride my bike, jog and I wanted off the meds.

After speaking with my doctor, he agreed to do lab reports more often and wean me off my meds if the reports were improved.

Although I saw a big difference in the way I felt after starting Goji, it took me seven months to get off all my meds, yes, all my meds! No more of those 17 pills! Thank God for Goji!

Had I given up within the 90-day guarantee, I would not have given myself enough time with taking the Goji Juice and getting off the meds.

I now take 4 ounces a day, two in the morning, and 2 in the late afternoon. I drink a lot of water and have lost weight, no more swelling, and I can wear my size 6 clothes again. I feel the best I have felt in over 7 years, and I like myself as well.

Honestly, I think my body lacked the proper nutrients to make and keep me healthy, and now Goji has given me health and wellness, and a normal life.

I want everyone to know what a wonderful product this is, and that you may need more than 90 days, so do not give up, please do not give up!

Thank you to Everyone who is responsible for bringing Goji to myself and others.

God Bless!
Jamie Michele W., Tennessee

Note from Judy:  We were honored to see and hear Jamie talk in Dallas.  She is a beautiful young woman and her story is truly a miracle!

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I was an athlete in High School and had numerous injuries to my hands, shoulders and knees which has caused me a lot of joint pain as I've gotten older.  Goji juice has  eliminated my joint pain.  The one and only time I ran out of Goji juice, within 3 days the pain was back.  That convinced me and I'll never run out again!

Bill W., Washington

I am a 75-year-old former actor and athlete. During the 1950’s, I was a national swimming champion and represented my country in Rugby. I also indulged in playing water polo, a sport in which dislocated fingers is commonplace. This resulted in the loss of most of the use of my hands and extreme discomfort in my knees and hips.

Since drinking Goji juice, I now have complete use of my hands. Also my knees and hips feel great and I can walk almost naturally again, no more shuffling.

I no longer fight a reflux-induced cough that has plagued me most of my life. My sugar levels are down and I have been able to reduce my insulin intake. In the last 12 days, my body weight has dropped 5.5 kilos, which makes me very happy!

Thanks to Goji juice, we have a happy, joyful household.

Norm K., New Zealand (please see my heart story in the "Heart" section!)

For months I had a hard time holding my needle doing crafts, because my hands felt like they had a football in them. I just couldn't close my fingers to be able to hold the needle.

Then a friend told me about Goji juice and within one week of drinking one ounce each day, my fingers were feeling normal and to my amazement so was the rest of my body. No more pills for me! I am so thankful for Goji juice.

Brenda, New Zealand

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I was a jockey for 30 years. I started my career at the age of 13 in the bush tracks of Louisiana. My career has taken me to all the major Thoroughbred Racetracks of the world. I have won 4300 races in my career. This year I am nominated to the International Racing Hall of Fame.

My career was abruptly halted by an accident that occurred in 1983. I was reducing my weight in a hot box when my body caught on fire. This accident caused 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 60% of my body. I had many skin grafts and blood transfusions. As a result of these transfusions, I contracted Hepatitis C. And as a result of the medications given for the burns and the frequent reducing of weight, I began to have kidney failure.

I had been on kidney dialysis for 5 years, 3 times a week, with a poor prognosis and no hope of a transplant because of the Hepatitis C, when I was introduced to Goji Juice from a friend. I was extremely tired all the time, swollen from the inability to urinate, and had a hard time sleeping. It was a huge chore to get through each day.

I started drinking Goji in July, 2006. I immediately began to have more energy and better sleep. My doctors were skeptical and unsupportive to say the least. After one month, I began to urinate again. Something I hadn't done in 5 years!

I am now off 2 medications for blood pressure and acid reflux. And my phosphorus levels have been stabilized which had been hard to accomplish in the past. My blood levels are the best they have ever been since dialysis began.  I no longer have muscle cramping or pain in my hands or knees (I have also had 23 surgeries from broken bones and the burn accident). I have more energy than I know what to do with!! My swelling is down and I have lost 10 pounds.

I will never stop drinking goji juice!! It has given me hope for the future and energy to continue living and working! Praise God for this wonderful juice!

Randy R.

My husband has Alzheimers in addition to physical illnesses.  Several months ago, he was hospitalized with a suspected infection. He was unable to walk and could not feed himself.  After a week of medical work ups and a week of rehab  he was discharged with the expectation that he would need around the clock nursing.  My fear was that his brain was not sending messages to his body to perform normal functions. We started drinking Goji Juice, and he is now walking unaided, attends Adult Day Care three days a week, is no longer incontinent and can get in and out of chairs without his booster. 


Yesterday, we received a copy of his latest labs.  He has had sluggish kidneys and I expected dialysis was in his future, however, he now has normal kidney function and his diabetes is controlled.   


Goji Juice has exceeded my expectations and made my life easier.  I am so grateful.


Carolyn H.

My mother has been on dialysis for about five years since having diabetes. She has been on 4 hour treatments, 3 times a week. Since drinking Goji Juice for 3 months, 6 ounces each day her blood work is within normal limits. Her dialysis treatments have been decreased to 2 hours, 3 times a week. The doctor anticipates coming off dialysis in the near future.

Create a Blessed Day!
Paul & Anella M.

In the Spring of 2001, I went into acute renal insufficiency (kidney failure). I apparently went into a coma. When I woke up, what I thought was the next day turned out to be almost 3 weeks later!

Since that time (four years ago) I have suffered with frequent headaches and swelling to my legs and abdomen. Nothing helped. Not even diuretics like Lasix and Aldactone had decreased the swelling. I am pleased to say that since I have started drinking Goji juice, the swelling in my legs and abdomen has gone down and I have fewer headaches. This means my kidneys are working better.  Goji juice has greatly improved the quality of my life.

Mark, Arkansas

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Kidney Donation

November 9, 2005, I donated a kidney to Julie, who lives in Blaine, Washington. This was only possible by the hand of God and because I drank Goji juice for 22 months prior to surgery. The Goji juice built up my immune system and allowed me to heal very rapidly without complications.


I was discharged from the hospital on November 13th and told to take two extra-strength Tylenol every six hours for pain. On November 21st, I was released at my post-op appointment by the surgeon to begin driving again, taken off Tylenol and have had no pain since. My doctor said "My, but you are a fast healer!".   I was released to return to work beginning December 5th for the Longview School District.


I thank God for Goji juice.  Did I tell you I am 66 years young?

Marilyn T., Washington

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I have been suffering with Leukemia and fibromyalgia and severe arthritis for years. Recently I had the good luck to try Goji juice. Naturally I was skeptical, doesn't everyone claim they have a miracle? Boy, was I in for a surprise! Not only are my blood counts normal again, but my pain and stiffness are gone and I sleep like a kitten.

Now I am trying to get everyone on the path to good health. Even my 94 year old Mother is taking it for all her aches and pains.   I'm A BELIEVER!

Shaina, Georgia

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I would like people to know I was in excellent health prior to my back surgery, then look what happened!

In 2000 I had major back surgery. Two and one-half years later I had 3 heart attacks, then I developed 7 ulcers and barrettes esophagus. I was on 11 medications for heart, blood pressure, arthritis, stomach, and pain. I had extremely high elevated liver enzymes and high cholesterol.

Due to bad pain, the doctor did an ultra sound of my liver in Jan 06. After the results, the doctor took me off all heart and cholesterol medications. Since he wasn't trained in anything natural, his practitioner suggested that I look to natural alternatives; and see what I could find for my liver and cholesterol problems.


I was sent to another specialist. This doctor wanted to do a liver biopsy. He said I had liver disease and wanted me to go on a liver transplant list. (No way!)

I had met Arnold B. in Dec 05. He told me about Goji juice. I was skeptical, but felt I had nothing to loose and was now ready to try Goji. I started drinking the Goji juice and about 8 weeks later I had more blood work for the liver. My liver enzymes were NORMAL except for a slight elevation in one enzyme. My doctor couldn't believe it!

Pain has now subsided in my side; I'm now off all arthritis and pain medication. Also I will have my cholesterol checked in September and I’m looking forward to the results. Thanks to Goji juice, I feel better today than I have in the past 6 years!

Sincerely, Steve B., Arkansas

Last year my blood work showed I had high liver enzymes, almost triple what they should have been. My doctor wanted to do a liver biopsy but I had just started drinking the Goji juice so I wanted to wait, knowing that the Goji juice cleanses the liver.

Yesterday I had blood work done and, you guessed it, all my liver functions were normal!

I am so grateful to God and Goji juice; I will never be without my Goji juice!

Sharon, Iowa

I started drinking Goji juice because my white blood cells were low and so were my red blood cells. My blood platelets were very low. The doctors said I have cirrosis of the liver and hepatitis C. I drink 4 ounces of Goji juice in the morning.

I had my blood work done and both my white and red blood cells are normal and my blood platelets are higher. I praise God for bringing Goji juice into my life and my family’s lives.

Cathy, Redmond, Oregon

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In December of 1999, my husband surgically lost part of a lung due to cancer, which was the direct result of his years of smoking. He recovered well, but within the next two years, he was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and emphysema. He was hospitalized many times as his breathing was very labored. He was put on prednisone, several inhalers, a nebulizer, and was on oxygen. His wheezing and rattling could be heard two rooms away and the coughing was constant. He was always clearing his throat, as the mucus was shutting down his breathing. His schedule of medical needs controlled his days and he was getting progressively worse. Each bout of bronchitis became longer, sometimes lasting for ten months.

Our nephew, Jeff, talked to us about Goji juice, but we were skeptical, as it sounded too good to be true. My husband decided to try it, but after two bottles, taking 4 ounces a day, he became discouraged and was going to quit. Jeff was our blessing, as he said that he was not going to give up on his uncle, so my husband said he would try it longer, but this time he had a positive attitude and a good feeling about the Goji.

After starting into his third bottle, he saw the improvement, like a miracle. His wheezing stopped and he is not using the oxygen. His oxygen reading is in the mid 90's, where before he dipped into a dangerous reading of 70.

We truly feel that the Goji juice was the turning point. No more prednisone and he is losing inches off his barrel chest. His last visit to the doctor revealed a two point improvement. He happily says that he has not felt this good in over a year. We praise the good Lord and lovingly thank our nephew for not giving up on his uncle.

Sincerely, Betty T., Youngstown, Ohio

I am a nurse at our Regional Trauma Center. My husband (59 years old) and I (42) started drinking Goji in January 2006. My husband is disabled because he suffers from COPD, high blood pressure, and chronic pain.

Since drinking Goji for only 2 1/2 months he has only used his inhalers once. He used to use them at least twice a day. He has had no pain in his back or foot (he broke his foot in 1986). His blood pressure has improved and he has lost weight (20 lbs). I had my knee reconstructed about 13 years ago and was talking to the doctor about getting it injected or having more surgery due to the pain. I have had very little pain since using Goji. I had started having hot flashes and they have just about stopped since the Goji.

In the words of a friend of ours, "this juice is just awesome". Thanks Goji,

Johnny and Sally S., Snow Hill, NC

In 1998, I was diagnosed with asbestos in my lungs. I also had Asthma and was a mouth breather because I couldn’t breath through my nose.

I started drinking Goji juice about 10 months ago and the first thing I noticed after about two weeks, I was able to breath through my nose and my sense of smell came back shortly after that.

But even more important, recently my lung specialist told me that I "dodged the bullet" and that I don't have asbestos in my lungs anymore. When he told me this, I got goose bumps all over. I called my wife and gave her the good news with tears in my eyes. We both cried.

I am a 60 year old man, working for the same company for 36 years and I am now pain free. I had surgery in both knees about 15 years ago and it felt like I needed the surgery again but the pain in my knees is gone since drinking Goji juice. About 12 years ago I had back surgery which left me with pain that would only go away with adjustments from my chiropractor. Since drinking Goji juice, I’ve had no more back pain. My energy level is twice what it used to be.  I also used to have to get up at least twice a night to urinate and that has also stopped.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my testimony. I know that Goji juice has given me my life back.

H. Allan, Florida

Goji juice has helped me in many ways! When I began using it just over a year ago I hade been very ill for seven months with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease). I was in the hospital twice, constantly on antibiotics as well as several courses of steroids, and was using a nebulizer 4-5 times a day to breathe.

My fourth day on Goji juice I was late leaving for my office (I am a psychotherapist), tossed all my medications in my briefcase, had a client in crisis waiting to see me, was overbooked seeing one client after another, and forgot to take any medicine. I even forgot to take my breathing treatments.

It hit me at 8:30 that night that my breathing was great despite not using any medication that day! None of the usual symptoms from not taking my medication had occurred.

I validated this by using my peak flow meter. My target score was 600. For over 7 months it ranged from the mid 500's on good days to the mid 400's
on bad days. But that day my score was 630 which was my best ever! I have not needed any rescue medication (puffers or nebulizer treatments) since.

Last winter was the first for well over a decade that I didn't need an antibiotic for a respiratory infection. No flu shot either! Yeah Goji juice!

Jim P., Texas

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I was diagnosed with Lupus 10 years ago. Twenty three years ago I was diagnosed with hypopituarism, I had brain surgery in 1982, for a tumor on my pituitary gland, which resulted in the loss of my pituitary gland, Since then I rely on medicine to do the job that this gland used to do. the Doctors that diagnosed me with Lupus say that my Lupus was medically induced.

I have had a lot of problems with Lupus, such as poor immunity, which resulted in frequent illness, and left me feeling sluggish all the time, it also left me with fatigue, and some days it was a struggle just to make it through my work day. I also used to have terrible pain all the time, I had stiff joints, severe arthritis, and swelling. Working was much worse because I was always tired, my hands and legs hurt, and by the time I got home from work my legs were so swollen, I could hardly even get my jeans off!

I have tried many different medicines to help me with this, I tried to eat right, exercise and just try to be motivated for life, but nothing ever worked for me. Then one day my sister called me all excited about this drink called Goji juice, well I blew her off at first, but she kept calling me about it. Finally one day I went over to see my sister, and I couldn’t believe how energetic she seemed, and she had lost a lot of weight. I complimented her on her new looks, and she said, I told you you should try Goji Juice.

Well now I am sold on goji, I have been drinking 4-6 oz. a day for 4 months, and I can't believe my results. I jump out of bed to greet each exciting day now, I am so energetic and feel great all of the time. I have lost 46 pounds, I no longer live in pain, and my swelling is pretty much gone! I love Goji so much. People ask me all of the time what have I been doing, because I look and feel so good.

Thanks for listening, Lynn, Ohio

In 1995 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (connective tissue) known as Lupus. This disease attacks internal organs and the immune system. In a span of two years I endured 7 surgeries resulting in removal of portions of my colon, appendix, gallbladder. I also had a hysterectomy and colostomy. I was exhausted all the time, had constant swollen lymp glands, stiff joints and severe arthritis. Lupus mimics many other diseases and conditions such as heart attack and stroke. I had excessive fluid in the sac around my heart and lungs, partial paralysis, chronic pain, panic attacks and severe depression. Medications used to treat the disease at times were worse than the disease itself. Lupus was beating me! After becoming completely disabled and retiring to bed, I gave up on life.

I was introduced to Goji juice and for me my life changed in a way that I would never have imagined. Several months after drinking the juice the lupus went into remission, my eyesight improved, the depression subsided and "new life" filled my bones. I now feel as if I have a reason for living and helping others. Goji juice will always be a part of my life because it gave me back my LIFE and a reason for LIVING IT!

Gloria, Georgia

In July 2004, I was diagnosed with a rapidly debilitating and deforming progression of Lupus. It had progressed to a stage where I could do nothing for myself and was in constant excruciating pain. My daughter had to feed and even turn me. The medications that my Specialist had prescribed gave no results. (In fact one of them has been recalled because of causing stroke, serious other side effects and death.)

I called a world-renowned Nutritionist and expert on Goji juice berries and he suggested I take 4oz. of Goji juice twice a day. Within less than a month, I had no more pain and was able to move on my own again. His other suggestion was to add some vitamins, minerals, MSM and a few other nutritional supplements.

My Specialist said that I could be one of the fatal statistics. As of June 4, 2005, I am almost back to normal, able to raise my arms over my head, wash my hair, walk with no assistance, exercise, and now do most things for myself. My hair that was lost as a result of the Lupus is growing back, and my eyesight is also improving. I weigh 100 lbs and am toning and working on gaining a little weight.

At 71 years young, I give thanks to God for this wonderful gift of Goji juice. I believe it saved my life.

Jemila, Queens, New York

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Since my breast cancer surgeries in 2001, I have had lymphedema in the armpit and side where the surgeon removed lymph nodes.  Lymphedema happens to many who have had breast cancer.  The lymphatic system can backup because of the removal and/or radiation to the lymph nodes causing pain and lack of movement, etc., to the arm and shoulder.  I was basically told that I would have to live with it, as I tried physical therapy, with no success.

After being on the goji juice since July 2005, just this past April 2006, I began to notice that there has been much less swelling and backup of my lymphatic system.  This is so wonderful, I can barely believe it.  It has taken 8 months for the goji to clean up and help with this, but it shows that with continuous use, goji just keeps working.  I also continue to have the great benefits of sleeping better, more energy, and less depression.  What a wonderful gift goji juice continues to be!

Sherry W., Washington

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Mental Illness

My husband, John, has been suffering from mental illness for thirty-five years. Last fall he started drinking 2 ounces of Goji juice everyday. After about four months, while still taking his medication, he asked if he could lower his medicine. I stopped giving his meds to him for three days, expecting his symptoms to come back. I called his Doctor and told him what was happening with John. He told me to go ahead with what I was doing and just watch and see what developed.

Well, after about 45 days, we went in for John’s regular appointment. The Doctor was absolutely amazed.  He said my husband looked the best he had ever seen him. John was articulate, interested and relaxed. The Doctor told us to keep on taking the Goji juice and hold off on the medication unless something turned around for the worse and to notify him if that happened.

No symptoms of his illness have surfaced. Now instead of laying down all day, he is up watching TV or reading, looks for ways to help me, goes shopping without complaining, and is generally more alert and alive. It's like 'Rip Van Winkle' has awakened from his long slumber. I don’t know how it works, I just know it does. Thank you Goji juice!

Carol & John E., California

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Mercury and Lead Poisoning

My husband, Joseph, was deployed in Desert Storm in 1990. When Joseph came back in 1991, his health was definitely not the same. He was getting weaker by the day, but we had no idea what could be the cause. Joseph was eventually diagnosed with MS- Multiple Sclerosis. However, during the course of doctor visits, another doctor who found out that Joseph had been in Desert Storm, asked if he had had dental work done there. He had. They did some tests and found that Joseph’s mercury level was 11.7, and he had high levels of lead as well.

We learned that this caused his impairment and is the reason why he is in a wheelchair. The mercury went into his brain and ate the myelin sheath that protects the nerves and went into his spinal cord which caused the spinal cord to collapse.

Since that time, I have been doing research of my own and trying different treatment methods,
in hopes of improving Joseph’s condition: things like helping him avoid sweets and foods with preservatives, as well as eating organic foods. I have been looking for a more natural approach, choosing to avoid synthetic medications.

We are thrilled that we were introduced to a product by Uncle Herb that has produced the only tangible results so far: Goji juice. The detoxing of chemicals out of his system is obvious. Anyone who saw his skin color before and now after drinking Goji, can tell that the juice is working. Before taking Goji, his skin was dull and now it is bright and glows. We also have noticed his eyes slightly straightening out. His speech is clearer and understandable and his coordination with his hands has greatly improved. We are delighted to have found a product that has had an immediate and obvious impact.

Joseph’s energy level is also noticeably improved. Prior to drinking Goji, it was not uncommon for Joseph to nap during the day and then be ready for bed early. Now, he sometimes skips his nap, and usually stays up with me until later in the evening! And this, after only 3 weeks of taking the recommended dose. He is up to 6 oz. a day now. We introduced this gradually into his system.

Our next goal is that as we continue with Goji juice, Joseph will become more self-sufficient and be able to do things for himself, as he once did.

Sara and Joseph J and Uncle Herb., Pittsburgh, PA


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Multiple Sclerosis

I was diagnosed with MS in 1994. I was pregnant with our first child at the time and didn’t start any treatments until 1998 after our 2nd was born and had finally accepted the fact that though I had relapsing/remitting MS, it was worsening.

After a few stressful life changes in our lives, my MS changed to progressive. I developed a permanent numbness in both arms, elbows to fingertips. My short term memory was greatly challenged. Stairs became such a challenge that 3 trips up or down steps became my daily maximum. I could no longer go upstairs to tuck in our 3 children and my husband took that
responsibility and when he was out of town on business (at least 2 weeks/month) our 4 year old girl had to sleep with me.

Last fall we took a 2 week family vacation to Orlando. After 2 hours at a park I was unable to walk without appearing seriously impaired due to my left leg not functioning adequately. I had to finally concede to renting an electric wheelchair every morning, which was maddening. I have always been terribly independent, energetic, and typical type A personality.

Approximately 8 weeks ago a dear friend introduced me to Goji juice. I was so very skeptical, for I had tried half dozen different supplements – giving each one a minimum of 4 months, only to be discouraged and increasingly cynical about anything actually improving my condition. I looked online for anything negative written on the juice, and after finding virtually nothing but praise, nothing negative, I ordered my first case.

After just 1 ½ weeks of taking 4 ounces/ day, broken up in 3 doses, I realized that I had been RUNNING up and down the stairs a good dozen times by mid afternoon. My energy has sky rocketed, neighbors and friends have commented on my increased energy, ability to maneuver around, and surprisingly to me, a less lined face, looking less stressed and beat.

Needless to say, I am convinced of the redeeming qualities of the product and am looking forward to even greater improvement. Thank God- He always provides, but sometimes we have to take the first step of faith.

Mary Lynn M., Inchelium, WA

I have remitting and relapsing M.S., at least that was my diagnosis until Jan of this year, when the doctor told me he believed that I had gotten worse and switched to progressive M.S. and the only thing that might help me was a chemotherapy drug.


On Jan. 31, 2006, I went on disability from work as a registered nurse. I had become severely weak in my right arm and both legs, as well as a significant amount of numbness in those areas and in my face as well. Over the next 3 1/2 months these symptoms rapidly increased, adding severe pain in my right arm and face with headaches so bad all I could do is watch the clock for the time to take the pain medicine again. In addition to this my energy level was so low even with medication that should have helped, all I was able to do was sit on the couch with my legs up and pray for time to pass and I could go to bed and lie awake most of the night with charley horses everywhere, even with a sleeping pill and a drug for the spasms. Anywhere I had to go, my husband had to drive me and after about an hour out I was exhausted. I could barely walk from one room to the next. I was depressed and cried at the drop of a hat, despite an antidepressant.

My dear friend Jim, just about forced me to start drinking Goji juice. I swore it wouldn't do a thing for me, I was sure I'd never be able to work again and would soon be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

About 6 weeks later after taking 2 oz. of Goji juice 3 times a day, I could get up well-rested, take my Goji juice, eat a bite of breakfast and start my 14-16 hour day. I can drive myself anywhere I want to go, walk lots, and probably could go back to nursing but I don't have the time I'm too busy spreading the word about GOJI juice.


Don't get me wrong, all this didn't happen after one sip of Goji juice, it happened slowly with my energy level rising first and continues to improve every day. I still have some numbness but I no longer need any of my medications. I believe I'll never need that wheelchair now. I'm happy, love my life and Goji juice!  My husband and I have decided our motto will be "health and wealth for all the people we love" and that includes everyone that needs Goji juice. Yeah Goji.

Joni B., Texas

I have a friend with MS and she has been in a wheel chair and is bed ridden.  She’s been drinking the Goji juice 3 weeks. Her physical therapist has noticed her legs are moving better. She sees improvement in her hands.  She’s only in her 50’s and she believes in miracles and has been praying to God. I told her, "God made Goji juice and your going to get well". It is so exciting that Carol might be out of the wheelchair and walking again. I believe that it will happen.  Her husband said, "don’t let her run out of the Goji juice." 

Mary, Florida

I recommended Goji juice to a woman who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. She is an avid runner, as she feels that this helps with her condition. Unfortunately, running causes her severe low back pain. After only two days of drinking Goji juice, she woke up with absolutely no back pain whatsoever and it has not returned since! Needless to say, she is extremely happy.

Dr. Peter

Goji juice has helped my daughter, Monique, with her MS symptoms, especially the tightness in her back. It has increased her energy level, which is huge because little or no energy is one of the most debilitating symptoms of MS. The lesion on her back has decreased in size.  We are so thankful for Goji juice and what it has done for her.

Carolyn, Washington

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The first week in September of 2005, our 15 year old son was diagnosed with Mononucleosis. The doctor put him on antibiotics. Apparently he had the mono for approximately a month before he got very weak. The only symptom he had up until he got really sick was he seemed to be more tired then normal. We just thought it was because he was practicing baseball almost every night of the week or playing a game.


He lost 20 pounds over a period of a couple of weeks, lost all his muscle mass, appetite, energy, stamina, etc. He slept 20 hour days and was only able to consume water. It was extremely scary. I started making him fruit smoothies to try and get nutrient s into his system. I went to the health food store and purchased a herbal product to try and help build his immune system. He missed the first two weeks of high school and when he did return it was only for 1/2 days to start.

By October and he had gained back about 15 pounds, but still had no energy. He was still sleeping right after school until the next morning. His oxygen intake was very slight. It took everything he had to get through the day or even walk up the stairs at home or school. In mid November he decided he wanted to try and play indoor soccer and bowl. He could only stay on the soccer field for about 1/2 minute and he would be totally exhausted.

Then the first week in December Goji came into our lives. Our son started drinking 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz at night. Within a two weeks he had most of his energy back. He tried out for a second Rep Soccer Team in mid December and made it. In January his school marks went up about 20%, he was bowling, playing on two soccer teams, working a part time job 16 to 20 hrs per week, doing light weight training a couple of times per week and taking Physical Education in school. In February he also added indoor High School baseball practices and indoor American Legion baseball to his schedule as well. There are days when he gets a little tired when he really pushes himself to his fullest, but we have our son back. Thank you and God bless Goji Juice.

Wendy, Canada

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Mouth Ulcers

For countless years, I have suffered from both internal and external cysts...large and often very painful ones. Of these, the most problematic has been the aphthous ulcers that form in my mouth from time to time. The most horrible location is the side of my tongue towards the back of my mouth. When this happens, talking and eating become excruciating, and worst of all, can go on for weeks.


My most recent tongue ulcer happened about a week ago. At the time, I had been drinking Goji juice for about 3 weeks. Although the ulcer still happened, the amazing thing is that I started treating this painful sore by holding the Goji juice in my mouth for a moment before swallowing to allow the juice to soak onto the ulcer. Several days went by, but nothing changed.

Then, boom. I woke up one morning: Less than a week had passed since the onset of the ulcer, and it was gone. I mean, totally gone.

These painful ulcerations never leave my mouth until weeks have gone by. But this time, I was drinking the Goji juice, and one of the worst tongue ulcers I have ever had left me in less than a week instead of the usual length of time it takes to heal.


The only reason I can attribute to this increased healing time is the Goji juice. It was the only thing I had done differently than in times passed. I am now talking -- (and eating!) -- like nothing ever happened! Thank you, Goji juice!!

Bonnie S., Nevada

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I have suffered from five types of Lupus for over 25 years, along with epilepsy, heart disease, kidney disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia with chronic fatigue.

I was on chemotherapy, steroids, and 25 prescription drugs. I wore a back brace from my cervical spine to my lower back, and used a walker and crutches.

I started drinking Goji juice October, 2003 and within a short period of time I was able to eliminate all but four of my prescription drugs.

Testing done July of 2005 shows, after my echocardiogram, EKG, and stress test, that my heart disease is reversed, my bone density shows my osteoporosis of five years is totally reversed, no more rheumatoid arthritis, and I’ve had no grand mal seizures since November of 2003.  I have also lost 110 pounds!

I drink 2 ounces of Goji juice, three times daily along with other supplements. God Bless.

Chris, New Jersey

In 1990 I injured my thoracic spine so severely I could not walk upright for several years. I gave up my social work career and slowly learned to manage chronic pain with morphine and neurontin. I also used alternative medical practices, meditation and t'ai-chi to help in recovery. I managed, but gradually developed arthritis in the neck and spine as well as osteoporosis. I was able to never let the pain control me, but every day was exhausting, both with the effort for pain control and the side-effects of medications. I also became very skeptical of "quick fixes".

When Goji juice was suggested, all that interested me was the money-back guarantee, which I was sure I would get. I knew it couldn't hurt to give it a try!

After one week, my neck pain disappeared and my energy level was almost too much to handle. I bounded out of bed and tackled projects that normally it took me 5 hours to prepare for. After about 2 weeks the two sharp knives that appeared to be sticking in two places in my spine became dull, and after a month, my back is now just "sore". It took a while to "harness" the excess energy, but it was worth it. I have just started to heal naturally. I feel freed from a cage of caution and pain. My smile now is real, not forced from a grimace.

For so many people who suffer from chronic back pain (which often has other referred sights of pain), it is a shame if you do not try this.  I can only say, trying it will NOT hurt, and you just may be released, as I have been, from your life of agony!

Dave B., Lumby, BC, Canada

A friend introduced me to Goji juice in April, at which time I was on six prescription medications, breathing treatments, and sleeping with oxygen. I was taking three prescriptions for high blood pressure, 600 mg of "be nice" pills, 900 mg of be happy pills, thyroid and cholesterol medication, phenobarbital and various pain medications.

I have been overweight all my life. I have had multiple illnesses and surgeries. I have suffered chronic neck and back pain from injuries accompanied with headaches and TIAs, for which there were frequent hospital and doctor visits.  I also suffered from mastitis, incontinence, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, frequent spells of dizziness and sharp chest pains, for which there was never a known cause.

Since I started on my four ounces of Goji juice daily I have lost 47 pounds. I sleep better. I no longer need to buy stock in Depends and OTC pain medication. I no longer sleep with oxygen and I am completely off all drugs. I have more energy. I am literally pain free. I wake each day with a new outlook on life. I never knew life could be this good.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my testimony. God created, the Himalayan's discovered it, and now I would like to share it with the world.

Sincerely, Teri H., Texarkana, Arkansas

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My Mother had Parkinson's disease for years and her shaking was so uncontrollable that I had to buy adult bibs for her to use. She had ruined a lot of her tops because a lot of her food ended up on them; she was not able to control the shaking.  After drinking the goji juice for about six weeks, her shaking subsided and she no longer dropped her food.


Vivian from Colorado

In August 2005, my dad, LeRoy, was admitted into the hospital with chest pains. After checking over his prescriptions, they increased and changed some of his Parkinson's medication ( he has had this disease since his by-pass surgery in 1992). This medication caused him to have hallucinations but when questioned about it, the Doctors said it is only because he is in the hospital and out of his regular element.

On August 10, 2005, he got up out of bed to shut off the construction lights that were bothering his eyes (he was hallucinating) and fell and broke his left hip. They wanted to operate, but his heart was not strong enough. They would need to open the clogged artery to the heart before they operate. After both operations were completed, they continued to change medications on him until he was semi comatose and could not respond to us.

To make a long story short, after about 6 weeks, the Doctors gave up and said to take him home and "wait it out" for he was dying from Parkinson's Disease. We took him home having to use a hoyer lift to move him around due to stiffness. We decided to take matters into our own hands and take him off a great deal of the medication he accumulated in the hospital and pray for a miracle. Within a couple days, he began responding to us and moving his arms and hands. Recently, a couple in our church introduced us to Goji juice. My dad's kidneys were only operating at 30 percent and the Doctor wanted us to seek dialysis. He also had 2 liters of liquid in each lung. We called the leading authority on the Goji juice berry. He told us to give dad 4 ounces Goji juice in the morning and 4 ounces of Goji juice in the evening. We did.

The next week, we had blood work done on the kidneys and his kidney count went from 3.5 to 2.4. His kidneys are now working at 65 percent. He has gained balance in his legs, color in his face, and Parkinson symptoms are decreasing slow but sure. He is now on NO Parkinson's medication and it taking less blood pressure medication. Goji juice is a miracle from God! We all take it now.

Nita P., Kentucky

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease several years ago. Recently, my feet and hands started becoming numb. My legs felt like stumps. I began walking close to walls, fearing I would fall down.

On December 23, 2005, I was introduced to Goji juice. I started drinking 2 ounces twice a day. After a couple of weeks, I began to experience restful sleep and often awoke with a sense of well-being. After a month, feeling began returning to my feet, legs and hands. My children have told me I look so much better these days.

I am an attorney and former Judge, and more than a little on the skeptical side. It's just my nature to weigh things carefully. I must say that after six weeks of drinking Goji juice, I am impressed. I intend to continue drinking Goji juice to see if the "reversal" of Parkinson symptoms continue.


God bless Goji juice!

Howard C., Colorado

This is a story about a 60-year-old woman and friend with Parkinson's.  She was diagnosed about 4 years ago and has been on a downhill slide.  I went to see her. She was in a wheelchair, was ghostly looking, very feeble and weak, could barely move her mouth to speak to me but her mind was sharp. I introduced her to Goji juice and within a very short time she had more energy and was sleeping through the night. As of six weeks ago today, she is able to get out of her wheelchair, her hands don't shake, has color in her face, stays up all day and when she talks to me now, she can open her mouth and she speaks clearly. She is so appreciative because I shared Goji juice with her. What a wonderful berry!

Mike, Canada

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pH Balance

I have had a pH balance in the acidic range for some time now and been feeling tired a lot and had major weight gain over the past year since my body has been acidic.

My husband brought home a bottle of Goji juice. I tried it for 2 days, one ounce in the morning and one ounce in the afternoon and after 2 days I was feeling better and had more energy.  I tested my pH level and it was at a balanced level.  It has gone from 6.25 to a healthy 7.5. I am a believer in the Goji juice and will continue taking it forever! 

Lisa H.

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I am 37 years old and was diagnosed in August of 2006 with Phlebitis in my right leg. Phlebitis is an inflammation and hardening of the veins and arteries. At the time, I only had one lump behind my right knee. My doctor put me on a regiment of aspirin, heating the affected areas, and elevating my leg. Within approximately 3 weeks the Phlebitis had spread to both lower legs with a total of 13 lumps. It had become extremely painful because of the fluid buildup in my lower legs. I could hardly walk in the morning, and my legs were enormous. After another three weeks of aspirin and heat, I gave up. My doctor then decided to have some CT scans done of my chest, abdomen, and pelvis to try and figure out what was causing it. The results of the CT scan indicated I had some sort of cancer.

My dad brought me a case of Goji Juice he picked up from a co-worker and brought it over. I didn't even ask what it was, I just started taking it. After about 3-4 days I noticed that all my swelling in my legs was gone. I still had some hard spots, but no more swelling or pain in my feet. Of course that was the least of my worries. I had a biopsy of the lymph nodes in my chest about a week later, and it came back negative for lymphoma. The Phlebitis was completely gone by this point and has never returned.

After being told I had cancer and then getting a clean bill of health, made me realize how precious the time is with families and friends. I thank Goji for helping me understand this. I am now totally committed in my life to spreading the words of wisdom about the benefits of Goji Juice.

Shane F., Sunnyside, Washington

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Plantar Fasciitis

My husband, John, had been suffering from severe foot pain for over a year due to Plantar Fasciitis. Exercises and other treatments did no good and he was eating ibuprofen like candy just to function. Within 6-8 weeks of starting to drink Goji juice the pain started to subside. Gradually the inflammation cleared up and today he is pain free.

Cheryl C., Virginia

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I started drinking Goji Juice Sept. 20, 2005. The first week I began to get more energy. Then my sleep became more quality sleep. I got up rested and ready to go.  I had been drinking Goji juice for five months  when I realized the psoriasis on my scalp was 95% better. I had had this since my youth. How great that was!  

Another thing is the lubricating of my joints. I am not stiff like I was before Goji. I can now keep up with my 18 year old granddaughter going up and down steps, and I don’t have to hold on to the rail.  My husband noticed the swelling in his legs had gone down. Also he didn’t have to get up through the night to use the bathroom. It had helped his prostrate.  It has been very good for his skin and has really helped his joints.

 We don’t ever want to do without our Goji Juice. We thank God for the Goji Berry and this wonderful Goji juice. 

Juil and Scotty N., Somerset, KY

I have quite a powerful testimony concerning this little Goji berry! I want to share it with everyone; I want to shout it from the rooftops! I have spent nearly 7 years searching for the answer to my health problems. God promised that he would provide all that we need, so I was searching for His nutrition and health, not medicine. I have heard and read many strong testimonies since I began my own Goji journey, and I am truly amazed at the wide range of diseases that are positively affected by the Goji berry!

I began drinking Goji juice on December 19, 2005. It was suggested I try it to help stabilize my blood sugar ( I have had severe hypoglycemia for years.) I didn’t believe it would help, because the pamphlet I just read talked about Goji helping Type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar was extremely low, never high. I was told it was supposed to stabilize my blood sugar, so it should help. I didn’t have anything to lose, I was still on my quest for health and I was determined not to quit until I found the answer. That afternoon when I got home, I took one ounce. Before I went to bed, I felt really good (which is not normal) so I thought I would just go ahead and have another ounce! I also made a decision that night to give up all other herbs and vitamins I was currently taking. The next morning I still felt good and I took another ounce. For the first time in several years, my blood sugar did not dip dangerously low (between 40 & 60)! I was elated but skeptical. How long would this last? I had tried everything in the past few years but to no avail. This was too good to be true! To make a long story short, today is January 15, 2006. For almost one month I have had NO trouble with my blood sugar no matter what I eat or drink. I am thrilled!

Other effects of Goji that I had not anticipated are that the psoriasis in my scalp (that was driving me crazy) is about 90% improved and doesn’t bother me at all. You would never know I had it. I had a wart on my upper left thigh that has completely disappeared. I have lost some weight because I no longer crave carbs, especially bread. I feel “good” most of the time. This improves daily. I am no longer addicted to an adrenaline rush! Unfortunately, this went on for years before I even understood what I was doing! My naturally “hyper” personality has calmed considerably. My energy is stable now, it doesn’t come and go. My skin is also becoming much softer and it is not as dry. I can run on the treadmill now which is very exciting! I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next! I just love this little berry! I believe it is truly a miracle that God has given to us. It is ultimately up to us however to decide if we truly want to be healthy.

Mary Ann A., Kentucky

I started drinking Goji juice about 6 weeks ago.  I took 2 oz twice a day for the 1st month and I am now taking 2 oz in the am and 1 oz in the pm.


Normally during the winter is the worst time for my psoriasis.  My elbows are usually covered and I will have it on my back and legs.  It is now January and I only have one little small patch of psoriasis on my right elbow.  My scalp is usually very itchy from the psoriasis on my head, but thankfully I don't have that problem this winter either!


Maryann C.


I have suffered with psoriasis since after the birth of our first child. It was in my head and hairline.  It would burn and was very aggravating! After drinking 2 ounces of Goji juice in the morning and 2 at night, in 2 weeks my psoriasis is all gone. What a powerful juice!

It is a blessing from God. I love Goji juice and will not be without it!

Lori, Maine

I have been drinking Goji juice for three weeks and I have great news about a painful problem called psoriasis. My elbows would dry and crack and bleed and it was very painful. I have not used any lotions or medicated creams on my elbows for the past two weeks and my elbows are not dry, cracking or bleeding and my skin is clearing up. Praise God! 

Pastor Denny B., Brunswick, Ohio

I have been diagnosed with severe plaque psoriases over 40 years ago. During that time I have tried all kinds of treatments that have been available. You name the cream, lotion, pill, injection, nothing has worked. It was very damaging to my self esteem and caused me great emotional damage going through my teen years. Psoriasis was even beginning to show on my face and on my hands.

When I was getting medical treatment, the side effects outweighed the benefits. It was very embarrassing to get a haircut, as my scalp was covered and most of my body as well. I never wore shorts or T-shirts in the summertime. Swimming in a public pool was out of the question. I resented the rude questions and stares. Tanning salons it did not help a great deal either.

All this changed about four months ago, when I was introduced to Goji juice. I drank it for only two weeks, when the red patches stopped itching, burning and flaking reduced. For the first time in 40 years my skin improved. After one month, the patches began to shrink, my skin felt more calm. I am still improving and happy to see the positive changes in me. Now I am taking it faithfully every day and I never looked this good. This summer I will buy myself my first pair of shorts. I am so impressed with this wonderful product that I will take it as long as I live.

Liz, Ontario, Canada

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On November 24, 2005,  I was diagnosed with rapidly spreading prostate cancer. I was sent for this evaluation because my PSA was over 10.  Scared does not describe the terror I felt. I had plans for the future and a late life nine year old child.

I had heard of others that drank Goji juice and experienced an improvement with cancer. I went from drinking 2 oz a day to drinking 2 oz three times a day. I also tried to eat healthier foods.

I discussed my hope for dealing with this nutritionally with the MD Specialist who diagnosed  and would be treating my cancer. While he was openly skeptical, he said it would not hurt to postpone surgery or radiation treatment for 3 months.

February 15, 2006, my PSA today was 7.1. This was about a 30% reduction. I had done a CAT scan that showed no spread of the cancer. In fact, it showed that the mass was not growing.

March 30, 2006, I again saw my doctor. After reviewing my tests he comfortably stated, “you’re looking and sounding good”.  He was happy to agree to monitor my PSA every few months and not do any medical treatment.


When I asked him how I would know if the cancer was growing, in spite of good PSA levels, he indicated a digital rectal examination of the prostate. Following the exam he exclaimed, “You could pass any physical exam. I can’t even tell anything is there”!

Jim P.

I have been suffering from prostate enlargement for the past several years. Now at 64 years I have total relief thanks to goji juice.

I was introduced to goji juice by my best friends. I drank 2 oz at 6 pm with my meal and 2 more at bedtime. I was amazed; I slept all night. Before I would have to void urine every hour to hour and a half during the night. Previously I had been taking medicine from my doctor so that I would not have to be cauterized. I also tried another well-known juice. But thanks to goji juice, I have total relief, by drinking 2 oz twice a day.

Willie G., Elyria, Ohio

I am 50 years old and I consider myself in top physical shape with the exception of a prostate issue. For seven years I have been getting up 3 or 4 times a night to go to the bathroom. I have tried several alternative methods to alleviate this problem. Nothing worked. My family doctor and recommended specialist told me since medication did not resolve the problem, that to correct it, I needed surgery. Within 3 days of drinking Goji juice, I was getting up only once a night!

Gary, California

I have experienced prostate concerns. I am grateful that Goji juice has improved my urine flow in just two days with only one ounce daily. It is wonderful that a juice can work so well, and with no side effects. That's a winning combination.

Dr. Ed, Missouri

One of the best things that’s happened with me since I started drinking Goji juice is I don’t have to get up as often during the night to go to the bathroom. That means I can sleep for longer stretches at a time and I am so much more rested in the morning.  Also, my stream is stronger and more steady. I’m sure a lot of men with prostate problems experience the same thing and know what I’m talking about.

Richard G., Oregon

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From the time he was about 6-7 months old, my baby son started getting very bad skin rashes. He would scratch until he would make himself bleed. It was heart wrenching to watch. We took him to doctors and the dermatologist and they could not tell me why he had it or what would help it. They prescribed all sorts of ointments and lotions.  They told me "don't feed him this or that", and none of that really made a difference.

We started giving him Goji juice and he just loved it. We would come into the kitchen in the middle of the night sometimes and he would be sitting in the middle of the floor with the bottle of Goji juice. It took about 5 months and finally his skin started clearing up. It is such a relief to finally have him have his baby smooth skin again.

I am so grateful to God first for creating the Goji juice berry, and for the wonderful doctor who presented the juice to the world.

Aulia B., Maui, Hawaii

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Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

In August of 2003, what was a simple walk to the mall, turned out to be the onset of grueling pain and intense burning in my left foot, ankle and subsequently in my entire leg. My foot was either icy cold or red hot and burning all the time. It felt like I had a combination of a massive toothache in my calf muscle, ankle and foot along with an intense, heavy, perennial “rug-burn” on the entire leg. Even wearing a sock or having a blanket touch my leg or the breeze of a fan would bring on intense burning and pain.

The next twelve months were spent shunting from physician to physician in search of answers and a solution. There were diagnosis of Raynauds Syndrome (icy cold hands and toes) doing “funny things to my nerves”, tarsal tunnel syndrome, plantar fascitis, Sciatica and finally atypical Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (which has no known cure). My leg developed atrophy and osteopenia and my hip began hurting greatly from the constant limping. My other leg soon began mirroring the symptoms of my left leg. Every step I took was pain. I felt seriously handicapped at 44 years of age!

I was put on high doses of an anti-seizure medication for the pain/burning and a calcium channel blocker for vasodilatation in an effort to warm up my aching muscles, foot and toes. In addition, repetitive nerve blocks were recommended. All these medications made me exhausted through the day and gave me a constant light headed feeling – however, the pain and burning were approx 40-50% under control as long as I took the medication.

I was blessed when Debbie called me about Goji Juice. She told me how she and Veronica were experiencing relief from their RSD after starting Goji. I started it right away in September of 2006, although at first I was very skeptical.

My pain and burning are now approx. 85-90% under control. My feet have warmed up considerably without the extremes of icy cold/hot. I have more energy and my leg is much stronger; the atrophy has reversed. I am able to walk and stand much more and my overall mood has brightened. I have weaned myself gradually out of the medications and take my Goji three times a day.

I can feel the Goji working from inside to balance my systems to equilibrium and normalcy. I travel overseas frequently and my Goji goes with me wherever I go! It has helped me live a productive life again without being brought down by living with pain. Yasmin G, Texas

I was diagnosed with RSD over 6 years ago. The severe burning and aching pain became an unbelievable nightmare. I had extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures, and to the slightest breeze. I had difficulty going in public places, such as church and stores, due to additional pain caused by the air conditioning. I had to resign my job and at times had difficulty even getting out of bed.

Over the course of almost 6 years, I tried many different medications, and different types of nerve blocks. Unfortunately, the treatments that helped even a little, usually did not last very long.

I started to drink Goji juice in April of 2006. I was very skeptical, but decided to give it a try. After a few weeks, I began to sleep better. (I even started to dream!) My energy level increased, and...my pain level went from an "8" to practically "0." During that time period, the only alteration I made in my routine, was to drink Goji juice.

I feel blessed to have found Goji juice, and I am very thankful that Veronica shared it with me.

Debbie D., Texas

I have been suffering from RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). It is one of the most painful illnesses someone can go through. It feels like you are on fire and that you are being “stung” by 100 bees at one time.

I had at least 8 nerve blocks and epidurals to relieve the pain and nothing worked. I also had orthostatic hypotension which caused me to be unable to stand for a long period of time. My husband had taken over doing all the chores because I basically had become bed-ridden.

I was introduced to Goji juice in February 2006 and after drinking it for just a few days my energy level was better than it had been in years. Since then, the pain that I had been experiencing is virtually gone and I am able to have a life again. Along with this I also was also able to get off my meds for IBS and reflux and I no longer have to take any anti-depressant medication.

I no longer suffer from headaches or hot flashes. My husband is glad about that, I was freezing him out at night. I also had restless legs syndrome and I no longer take meds for that either. I know that this is hard to believe but it is true. My husband is thrilled he keeps saying to everyone “I HAVE MY WIFE BACK”.

All I have to say is thank God for Goji juice!

Veronica O., Texas

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Restless Leg

My daughter, Tanya, had Restless Leg Syndrome for years. I took her to specialist when she was a little girl and none of the doctors knew what was wrong. Later when diagnosed the meds prescribed had horrible side affects. She now takes Goji juice and is free from RLS. My sister and law is taking Goji juice and most of her symptoms are gone from Restless Leg Syndrome too.

Ginger U.

My 80- year-old mother has been anemic her entire life. The doctors have never been able to figure out why. She has had every test available. For most of her life she has taken iron supplements by mouth and last year even underwent iron infusions over a period of 6 months. Still her anemia was no better.

She started drinking Goji juice in October 2005 and in January when she went to her hematologist and had labs done, her doctor told her her blood was normal!!  Also, she has suffered from restless leg syndrome for about the past 8 years. Since she’s been drinking Goji juice she no longer suffers from restless leg syndrome! I truly believe Goji is a gift from God!

Susan, Gray, Tennessee

I’ve suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome for at least 3 years. After taking Goji juice for 3 days, the symptoms went away and I have been able to go sleep, without fidgeting for hours, every night. The only explanation I can think of is the Goji juice.

Also, with my Vets approval I began giving my dog, an older Aussie/Corgi, Goji juice for her arthritis. She weighs 40 pounds and she gets 2 ounces every morning. She is back to playing tug of war with the younger dog. She comes running every morning when my wife and I take our juice and laps hers from her bowl. She is truly a Goji juice Dog. My wife calls her our "wonder dog". We know she feels so much better.

Larry S., Franklin, Ohio

During the past year, my restless leg syndrome was getting so bad it was beginning to bother my arms, which is not unusual as my research indicated.  My doctor prescribed a medication that is administered to Parkinson's Disease patients, which did help me fall asleep at night.

But, I was not resting well or sleeping well, awaking about every 3 - 4 hours every night.  After two weeks of taking Goji juice, I do not have restless legs (or arms) and I am resting and sleeping through the night.  And I no longer have to take the medication my doctor prescribed!  I did not realize how tired I was or how poorly I was sleeping until I began to enjoy restful sleep and awake feeling truly rested. And my energy level has greatly increased.  I can only attribute this improvement to the Goji juice.

Martha B., Tennessee

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In 2004, I ignored a continuous cough that unfortunately, was a sign of something more then a cold. I then got a pain in my side and decided that I needed to see a doctor. At the time I was informed that I possibly had Lymphoma.

But after numerous tests, I was then informed that I did not have cancer (Thank God) but did have Sarcoidosis. My first question was, what is this and can I live with it.  Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this illness just medication to help with the pain and the inflammation. The medication did not work for either my pain or inflammation.

In February 2006, my cousin introduced me to Goji juice. Without any hesitation I began drinking Goji juice. What a true blessing from that time until now. I am living without pain and inflammation. Also, that best thing of all is I have my life back and believe it or not I think I have more life/energy and happiness now with Goji juice then I did before 2004.


Fran, Delaware

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My sister, Jeanne, suffers from a brain tumor on her pituitary gland and experiences frequent seizures (sometimes referred to as epilepsies). She tried several different medicines only to end up feeling worse. So with frustration, she gave up and quit taking all medicines. Out of hope, I gave Jeanne a bottle of Goji juice to try. Miraculously, she no longer experiences seizures (epilepsies)!

Barbie D., California

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Sinus problems

I started drinking Goji juice 3 months ago, taking 2 ounces per day. Since drinking Goji juice, I have not had any sinus headaches or pressure and my blood pressure has improved tremendously. Before the Goji juice if I forgot to take my blood pressure pill at 6 am, by 9 am I could barely function. Now, if I forget to take my blood pressure medication I have no ill side effects all day long what so ever.

I have had severe pain in my neck and shoulder from 3 degenerative discs, narrowing of the spinal column, and arthritis pinching the nerves. The pain is slowly getting better. I also have sinus headaches and pressure almost all winter long. I also have high blood pressure. I have been taking blood pressure medication for about 3 years.

 I am so thankful that my wife's cousin called us and told us about this life-altering juice.

Bob P. Indianapolis

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Anxiety Attacks no more! Before I began on Goji juice I had an awful time sleeping at night. For at least the past 4-5 years before Goji I would sit straight up in bed disoriented, thinking I was going to die that minute, and
had to either get out of bed or wait until the panic attack ended. To say the least for those who know what I am talking about - it was a horrible experience. This was going on for 4-5 years. I was afraid of going to
sleep at night and would intentionally stay up late just to be completely exhausted enough to go into a deep sleep. Then I was useless in the morning because I had stayed up too late.

After two months on Goji Juice my wife had noticed the difference in my sleeping habits. I was not only sleeping all through the night without panic attacks, but I had stopped snoring also. I had a more blissful
sleep, and thus more energy for the next day! What an awesome product

Phil F., Illinois

I had been biting my nails my whole life.  I am not sure why I no longer bite them, except that I think my anxiety issues have improved so much since drinking Goji juice that because of less anxiety I am handling stress much better and now I love showing off my nails.

Wendy W, Centerville, MA

In the past eight months I survived 5 major life-changing crisis events with great joy and peace due to the Goji juice.  The stress I experienced from any one of the five could have resulted in great depression and withdrawal from society, but instead, I have emerged as a winner in life. The world needs Goji juice.

Marilyn, Washington

After two weeks of using Goji juice, I was sold!  My job can be very stressful and tiring - I would go home so tired at times that I did not want to do anything. Now I have more energy at work, am able to face stress, and come home to enjoy the evening!

Rita, Georgia

For the last few months, I have been feeling very stressed.  My nerves were shot from being over-worked and trying to make ridiculous deadlines. Since I started drinking Goji juice, I am feeling less stressed and more relaxed. I am actually sleeping through the entire night now, something I have not done in years. Just 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces in the evening before I go to bed do the trick.

Victor, Rhode Island

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I had a stroke about 1 year ago and suffered numbness on the left side of my body. I took 5 pills a day and felt a little comfort but my left leg and arm were very numb even after walking and exercising. My friend, A.Khan, happened to give me a phone call to see how I was getting along and mentioned that he was drinking the goji juice. I decided that there was nothing to lose by trying the goji juice. He delivered 1 litre to my home, and immediately I took 5 teaspoons then 5 more before bedtime.

The next morning I came down the steps using the left leg of my body just as though I only had a slight numbness not like what it felt like a day before that. And I will swear to that. I will keep on drinking the goji as long as it takes to clear my numbness completely. Wise decision!
Garraway H., Dominica

My husband had a stroke three years ago, due to high blood pressure. His speech was affected. We tried all kinds of therapy to help him move all his muscles and improve his blood circulation. I always searched thru the Internet to find what other method of herb medicine to use. We tried acupuncture, massage, noni juice, reflexology and more. One day a friend of mine introduce me to Goji Juice and she said her mom who had a stroke last year started to feel stronger and was able to walk without the help of the wheelchair.

After a week of taking the Goji Juice, my husband became alert and had more energy than before. He was able to raise his hands without the help of his left arm, looking younger and his speech is clear. I lost 4 pounds after taking the juice for a week and we feel lighter and have more energy now. Now my husband takes 3 ounces every morning.

My prayers have been answered. Thank you Goji Juice. God Bless.

Thel, Guam

I had 4 strokes due mainly to high blood pressure and high blood sugar. I am a diabetic with neuropathy in my feet, which prevented me from doing much walking due to the pain it caused in my feet. The strokes made me weak with low endurance as well. My speech was also affected from the strokes. I suffered from poor memory and slow brain function when processing new and detailed things. I had many other miscellaneous problems all totaling 43 different health issues that plagued me.

After drinking 4 oz. per day of Goji juice for one month, 28 of the ailments have either improved or disappeared completely. My endurance and neuropathy have improved to the point that I now am walking 1-2 miles each day at a 3 mph. rate.  My endurance and stamina were increased as well.

My speech is becoming more easily understood, and my coordination is improving. I can mentally process intricate procedures. My inability to breathe hot, humid air is so improved that I spent 2 hrs. walking during one of these kind of days. I can actually enjoy a cup of coffee without having it affect my blood pressure, which is now under control.

Other miscellaneous items that have improved are incontinence, fingernails no longer split, circulation, chronic hiccups, headaches, mind/hand coordination, shoulder pain, keloid scar diminishing, better sleeping, toenail health, eye floaters very seldom now, restless leg, hot flashes (almost nonexistent), circulation issues, and night blindness. 33 of the 43 health issues have improved after 6 months of drinking Goji juice.

My kidney function, which was beginning to be affected due to my diabetes, is now normal after beginning Goji juice. My blood sugar readings are "impressive" according to my doctor. The hemoglobin A1C readings (which are an average of blood sugars over 3 months) before Goji juice were 8 & 9%. After drinking Goji juice it has come down to 6.6%. They like to see it at 6-6 ½ %. I

I’m almost there! I have been able to cut back on one of my medications as well.

I am so grateful to God and the Goji juice berry for my improved quality of life!

Gayl, Minnesota

My dad had two strokes 2 1/2 years ago and couldn't walk any distance and had to go everywhere in a wheelchair. Around the house, he used his cane.


One week after he started drinking Goji juice, he was walking in the house without his cane! Now when he goes to physical therapy at the hospital, he walks in with his cane from the North end right down to the south end of the Atrium. The first few times he did this, friends of his came over and commented on how good he looked and of course asked why.


Not only that, but in the first week his hair started growing back on his bald spot and now he‘s experimenting with different “hairdos”.

Besides all of this, he is sleeping much more soundly during the night and requires far fewer naps (if any) during the day and he has said to my mom, that they'll be dancing together again soon!

Thanks Goji juice! Thanks to Ginny and Malcolm for sharing this wonderful product with us!

Karen K., Canada

I’ve had two strokes, the second one was 2 ½ years ago, leaving me totally disabled on my right side. I also have diabetes, high blood pressure, can’t sleep without prescription drugs, have poor circulation, and ulcers on my lower legs that would not heal. I was taking 9 different prescription drugs.

Recently my friend, Bennie, shared Goji juice with me. I decided to give Goji juice a try!  I am amazed at what is happening. The symptoms from my stoke are leaving. My diabetes and blood pressure are normalizing. I am sleeping every night without drugs. My circulation is improving. My ulcers are healing. All of this is astounding my doctors. I dream of being able to drive and work again, if God is willing, and I know He is. I will never be without Him and Goji juice!

Ed R., Florida

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Tennis Elbow

I injured my left elbow by pulling up on a heavy bucket of material at work over two years ago. The doctor diagnosed the ailment as tendonitis in the elbow, or tennis elbow.

I tried some prescriptions and over-the-counter medications as well as elbow wraps. Still the pain continued.

A family member was introduced to Goji juice. I saw her improvements and results. "What the heck," I said as I decided to give it a try.

First it helped my knees to the point where I have resumed my running program. My elbow is so much better now that I am about to return to golf and bowling.

My parents have even started taking the juice and bought some for ailing friends after hearing our stories.

Mark K., Florida

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Toenail Fungus

I am a 46 year old security guard and a retired law enforcement officer in the state of Florida. I started taking Goji juice about 3 months ago. Goji juice has done many wonderful things for me.

One of the most amazing things it has done is that it is healing the toe fungus on my toenails that I have had for years. I didn't want to take the medicine the doctor prescribed for the condition because of the risk of damage to my liver. After about a month of taking Goji juice, I noticed that I had started growing healthy pink toe nails! You could actually see where the healthy nail that had grown out stopped and the infected nail began. There was a distinct line. At this point I have 6 totally healthy nails and the other four (they were the most badly infected) nails are much lighter in color than they were and showing signs of healing as well.

I just love Goji juice! It is absolutely the best thing that has happened to me in years! Seeing is believing!

Peggy S., Rockledge, Fl.

For over 3 years I had two toenails that had some kind of fungus under them. They got thick, flaky and yellowish. They looked awful. I tried several different medications to get rid of it but nothing worked.

I started taking Goji juice and after about six months, I noticed my nails were getting better. The longer I drank the juice the better they got and now they are completely normal.

I didn’t start drinking the juice for my toenail problem, I took it for my blood pressure, which has also normalized to a healthy level, but the juice has had a lot of positive affects with my health. I love Goji juice.

Jim W., Montana

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Tourette Syndrome

My brother has tourette syndrome. He was having an attack and my mother was taking him to emergency when she stopped by my house. I immediately gave my brother 2½ ounces of Goji juice. Within seconds, his eyes opened and his body started to relax. They then proceeded on to the emergency room. Later he commented on how much better Goji juice made him feel.


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Charlie had familiar tremors since 5th or 6th grade. His hands trembled so badly, when he held a glass of ice water, the ice tickled horribly. Charilie is now in his early 40's. He has learned to be a carpenter even with his shaky hands. After taking Goji juice for 6 days, his tremors were gone. His voice no longer shakes either. He gave his testimony in front of 30 people and he was not shaking, as I was watching his hands just for that reason. I would have been shaking just giving a testimony in front of that many people.

Helen, Missouri

I have a friend who is using an inhaler that causes her hands to shake so bad she hasn't been able to write legibly  so I gave her a bottle of Goji juice.  She was able to write two letters because her hands quit shaking.  And she could fill in the figures in her check book.  She finished the bottle and before she could get another, her hands started shaking again.  When she got another bottle, the shaking quit.  She will never run out of Goji juice again!  She is so excited about Goji juice.


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Urinary Tract Infection

After 7 months of drinking Goji juice, I no longer have urinary tract infections.  This is something that has plagued me for nearly 30 years. After almost 30 years of taking antibiotics for my urinary tract infections, my whole body is riddled with Candida [yeast infection] and I regularly [monthly ] had an attack of thrush. I have only had one in 6 months since drinking Goji juice.

I’m 50 and proud of it, but like a lot of my peers, hot flushes and estrogen headaches started to plague my life about 10 months ago. My doctor [very smart man] told me about Goji juice. He had just come back form the US and some of his colleagues were raving about it. He said he had heard it was good for menopause.  Now nine months later, this is my result.

Within 4 to 5 days, I slept like a teenager. Within 7 days, I had great relief from the menopause symptoms and wit in 6 weeks, all symptoms were gone.

I don’t know when my gums stopped bleeding but they have after many years.

Do I love Goji juice? You bet!


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Valley Fever

Living in Arizona is really great. However, sometimes with it comes health problems. At first my Doctor thought I had pneumonia and treated me with antibiotics, with no response. Then he sent me to a lung specialist who found that I had contracted Valley Fever. It is a fungus that grows in the lungs and is not treatable with antibiotics. They say by all reports that once you have it you have it for life.

I had just started on the Goji juice at the time I was diagnosed.  After only 3 months, I went back to the Doctor and he said, "whatever you are doing,  just keep it up", because the symptoms were almost gone. He had me on medication, which I took, but he said it was amazing to see that much improvement in such a short time. After another 3 months when I went back, he could find only scar tissue from the disease.

It is really wonderful to know that we have Goji juice to help us with our bodily functions. Every day I take 2 oz in the morning and 2 oz in the evening and I feel and breath with ease each day. Thank you Goji juice.

Barbara W., Arizona

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Vitamin B-12 Deficiency

I started drinking Goji Juice in September of 2005 and I LOVE it!  Three years ago it was discovered that I had a B-12 deficiency, to the point of having nearly none left in my system. For three years now I have been taking on a daily basis, a 1000 mcg B-12 supplement that is prescribed by my physician. In the past 3 years I have had to get my blood tested every 3 months to be sure the B-12 levels in my system are maintained.

Blood-work time rolled around last week and I received my results today, Monday, March 13, 2006. My B-12 levels are extremely high and my doctor who knows about the Goji Juice because we promote it out of his office, has told me to quit taking the B-12 supplements and keep drinking the Goji Juice.

I have heard of a lot of people being taken off of or having their meds lowered after drinking the Goji Juice BUT this is the first I've heard of being taken off of a vitamin.

Thank You for the Goji Juice. And Thank You to my awesome friend, Chas, for introducing me to this wonderfull juice!

Michele C., Medicine Hat, Alberta

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I was praying to feel better, have more energy, and overcome my depression and anxiety. God, led me to Charlotte, who is in her 50's, walks 6-8 miles a day and is ecstatic about her Goji juice. After hearing how Goji juice has changed so many lives, I made a decision on July 1, 2006, to see if it could change mine. I committed to trying the juice for 90 days and I am so happy that I did.

After two days of the juice detoxing my system, I began to see changes. The first change was an increase in my energy level and a brightening of my mood and spirit. The second change was after two weeks, my dizziness and disoriented feeling completely went away. I have had all
the inner ear tests and was diagnosed with Vertigo, which they say there is no cure. After having my son, the symptoms got worse. Just going to the store was an ordeal, with the bright fluorescent lights, I would get so dizzy and disoriented that I could not find my car after leaving the store. Well, guess what! I can now fight the crowds with a smile on my face and I don't have any problems finding my car!

The third big thing that I noticed is that my back pain is better. I crushed my 12th Thoracic vertebra on August 1, 1999. I wore a back brace for 3 1/2 months and have been seeing chiropractors ever since. In the past, I took Ibuprofen like candy to try and help relieve the pain, and when it would rain I would take even more. After drinking Goji juice for 2 1/2 months my back pain has improved 95%. I don't have to take Ibuprofen anymore to relieve the pain, and I don't have to see the chiropractor every week. In fact, I have only seen my chiropractor twice since I started drinking this wonderful juice and that was only when it had rained for several days.

I took a chance and listened to my heart. I truly believe that God answered my prayers. Thank you Charlotte, Steve and Kay and everyone else who loves Goji juice as much as I do.

My dad has always said, "When you loose your health, you loose everything." Change your health and do it with Goji juice!

Leisa S., Conway, Arkansas


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Since age 15 I have been a singer and a guitar player. My age is now 63. In 1978 I produced and published my first record album containing a genre of music which I created about the U.S. Submarine Service. This music is now contained on four CD's. My musical forte has been the blessing of a deep, rich, clear vocal quality that I have been able to belt out with considerable power. Yes, I did have professional vocal lessons. However, in recent years I have been experiencing a diminished vocal quality which I attributed to the aging process.

On April 10, 2006, I began taking Goji Juice on the recommendation of a dear friend from my submarine past named Whitey. On April 26 I did a charity performance as a dress rehearsal for an upcoming concert to assess the extent of the embarrassment I may be experiencing.

To my complete amazement my voice sounded better than it had in a long time, and I made the paraphrased comment to my wife: "Is it Tommy or is it Goji?" When I shared this story with Whitey, he urged me to include this experience as a testimonial. I'm new to the product, but I shall continue.

Tommy C., Caribou, Maine

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My daughter Natalie had noticed that after a month of taking Goji juice her warts on the bottom of her foot had disappeared. We had even taken her to doctors and no results!


Natalie from Pa.

My daughter has not had her asthma, allergies or bronchitis since starting on Goji juice over two years ago. She used a nebulizer, cough syrup and cough pills for five years prior to Goji juice and has not used ANYTHING since she began drinking Goji juice.

That is incredible in itself but what I saw last night blew me away. She had a few warts on her knee about 4 years ago so we took her to a dermatologist and had them frozen off. This left discoloration where the warts were but on top of that it made the situation worse and the warts multiplied to over 20. Last night my wife and I noticed there were NO warts at all on her knee and both of her knees looked identical with no discoloration at all. It is as if the problem never existed.

I have never heard of a situation like this clearing up by itself and the only thing different is Goji juice. My family and I are very grateful for this life changing product.

Bill M., New York

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